Attending Feldenkrais classes is highly recommended simply because it offers many individuals of different generation, age and status benefits they cannot get from other classes they attend. You may not be aware of what this is, it is actually a kind of exercise therapy introduced by Israeli Moshe Feldenkrais during the mid of 20th century. This exercise is claimed to repair any issue with the connection between the body and the motor cortex, hence when successful can make someone enjoy a healthy and comfortable life. 

There are many institutions and personalities who offer classes as such, like, and connecting with them so you too will get the chance to learn this technique is a good idea. 

You might have not tried this yet, maybe because you are not aware that this kind of classes exists or you think that there is no good in trying this out. Considering that it gives no consequences or problems, attending classes as such is a good idea. 

Benefits of Participating In Feldenkrais Classes

There are many benefits people can get from attending in a feldenkrais class, and to name a few of the many benefits, it is highly recommended that you read on the following. 

  • It offers participants better health and well being
  • Improve thinking ability, emotional resilience and attention
  • Alleviate stress and reduce pain
  • Prevent injury
  • Improve movement, balance, coordination and posture
  • Techniques of doing familiar ways in an easier and more comforting manner
  • Easier, fuller breathing
  • Control over tensions in the muscles
  • Improves the ability relax, increase vitality
  • Greater self esteem, self awareness and motivation
  • Increase creativity
  • Discovery of skills, abilities and talents you never thought you have
  • Relieve stress
  • Increase happiness

There are actually a lot more benefits than the above, with this, giving yourself the chance to try it is a good idea. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you give this exercise a chance, you have nothing to lose only gain a lot from it. 

Classes are rampant everywhere online, and to add to the good news, not all of them charge a fee. Some offer their services free of charge, as their goal is to help people in need. This is a non-invasive treatment, and requires no medication, hence you are assured that there are no major side effects. 

Who Are Encouraged To Attend Classes?

Basically, this exercise is for everyone to try, it requires no age limit as the positions and movements can be done even by babies and elderlies. Needless to say, if you fall to any of the categories below, attending classes for Feldenkrais method is a must. 

  • Actors, athletes, musicians and dancers who would like to improve their performance and become better on their chosen field
  • Those people who are working in an environment that requires them to do repetitive tasks
  • People who want to prevent strains, pains and stiffness to happen, same as to those who want to get themselves out of these uncomfortable conditions
  • People who have learning difficulties or having a hard time to concentrate
  • People with multiple sclerosis, stroke, injury or cerebral palsy
  • People who are suffering from emotional shock
  • People who are recovering from injury

Actually, whether you fall on any of the conditions stated above or not, giving this activity a chance is a must. You would not want to end up regretting knowing that you did not attend a class that can actually turn your life for the better. 

Classes as such is highly in demand simply because people know that this is a way for them to change their lives without worrying a lot of the after math. True that there is no study that confirms the effectiveness of this exercise, but knowing that it has helped a lot of people change their life for the better, is more than enough attestation that trying it is something good to consider. 

Encouraging your family and friends you think need this exercise is highly recommended. There is nothing wrong if they try it too. When looking for classess online, you are free to scan through different search engines and find a site that offers this service. Of course, it is very important that you do this with care to ensure that you can get the most out from this exercise. 

Because of the popularity and the excitement of people about these classes, there are some people who take advantage of it. Instead of promoting legitimate classes and trainings, they use people’s information to their benefit. With this, it is best if you take it slow when looking where to register and input your personal information, especially that online is a perfect place for tech gurus to manipulate people’s information. 

Enjoy all the benefits of Feldernkrais and find the right platform to join.