What are the Benefits of Using a Fitbit

Fitbit in use of running

With the insanely hectic schedules we have daily, we can hardly take time out to concentrate on our health and fitness. Squeezing in a normal 30-min walk during the day can be difficult at times. But doing so, shows the commitment you have towards exercise and your health. 

To take those recommended 10,000 steps a day, and use the stairs instead of an elevator, you would need a constant reminder, as well as a push to stay active. This is where a Fitbit can help you. Fitbit is an activity tracking device, in the form of a digital wristband, that charts out your fitness and health characteristics, such as steps taken daily, your heart rate, distance walked, calories burned and consumed, sleeping pattern and pounds lost. It is amazing to see how one small device can change your life for the better. 

How Does a Fitbit Work?

You need to install a mobile application that is developed to be compatible with Fitbit. It helps you customize your fitness profile by adding your weight, calories required, calories consumed and water consumed. Apart from the basic components inside a fitness tracker, like an accelerometer that tracks your steps and a GPS to track the distance covered, a Fitbit is composed of more advanced units such as a 3-axis accelerometer and an optical heart rate sensor that measures steps and heart rate more accurately, respectively. Other significant components that a Fitbit carries are an altimeter to measure the number of floors climbed and a vibration motor that alerts you of incoming calls, alarms and goal accomplishments. 

Understanding Different Fitbit Models

Fitbits are available in both forms, a clip-on and a wristband. We have narrowed our comparison to two of the best-sellers, Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip, to make your purchase easier. The former is a Fitbit activity tracker that has a rechargeable battery life lasting up to two weeks, and has more functions. The Fitbit Zip model is however, cheaper and carries less functions, but has a better battery life that can be replaced every six months. Both these models are a hit among adults and kids equally.

Benefits of Using a Fitbit

These functions are definitely helpful in managing your daily activities in some manner but there are more factors to a Fitbit that make an impact on your life.

Keeps you Motivated

Since your Fitbit keeps a track of your calories consumed, calories burned and steps taken in a day, the visual data will keep you motivated to push yourself more. Upon reaching 6600 steps out of the anticipated 10,000 steps in a day, you would definitely be motivated to put on your shoes and go out for a walk to get to that 10,000 mark, or walk to the store instead of taking the car. It works as the extra encouragement you always needed to make better and healthier choices. 

Easy to Achieve Goals

And by staying motivated constantly, it is easier for you to achieve your goals. If you have stubbornly decided to lose 10 pounds in a few months, a Fibit activity tracker would give you the extra push to achieve that goal. Deciding to eat a salad instead of toast to maintain your daily calorie count, while looking at your day’s total intake in your Fitbit, are small steps towards achieving your goal. You are also more prepared to go for a run or hit the gym with a Fitbit constantly warning you.

Increases Networking in Similar Groups

There are various fitness communities that share tips, ideas and motivate each other within the group. You can join a Fitbit community online and receive constant encouragement, health tips and setting goals together with like-minded people. You can make new friends and increase your social group with people on the same wavelength. Go for a run collectively or participate in marathons together, helping you get a fruitful social life.

You Switch to a Healthy Lifestyle Forever

Newly incorporated habits if practiced over 30 to 60 days can blend in your lifestyle and become a permanent part of it. Getting a Fitbit can change your daily habits for good which would be difficult to eradicate sooner. You will start drinking more water to reach your daily water goals, you’ll find yourself losing weight and getting clear skin; vegetables and fruits will replace unhealthy snacking, and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night will become mandatory. All this will not only improve your health, but also reduce stress and anxiety, boosting your mental health.

Makes for a Good Accessory

Fitbit trackers are available in a lot of colors, shapes and sizes. The designs range from sleek to ultra-stylish. You can change the band colors according to your outfit and mood, which can enhance your ensemble. Pair it up with an athleisure tracksuit or a sports bra to look stylish when going to the gym.

Many have claimed that getting a Fitbit tracker has improved their fitness aspirations and it is now difficult for them to leave the house without it. It is useful for losing weight, setting goals and simply improving your overall health.