Prostate cancer is amongst the most common diseases in the world today and the most common among men. It usually occurs in men above the age of fifty, but in rare cases, earlier occurrences have been seen. The prostate gland produces the semen in the body. Prostate cancer is not easily detectable until it has grown considerably to make urination difficult. 

Thankfully, in most cases, prostate cancer can be successfully treated through advanced prostate cancer treatment available these days. However, one has to make sure that they act quickly and get medical help as soon as they notice signs and symptoms of prostate cancer. The top symptoms of prostate cancer include –

Frequent Urination

People having prostate cancer have the urge to pee frequently, especially during the night. While frequent urination can be completely natural or related to other health conditions such as diabetes, it is a good idea to bring it up on your next visit to a doctor. 

Unbearable Rush to Pee

The urge to urinate may strike suddenly, and the rush may be unbearable. If you feel that when you have the urge to pee, the pressure is unusually high and even uncontrollable at times; checking for problems in the prostate is a good idea. It may be due to the loss of bladder control that occurs when a person has prostate cancer and it’s time to get a prostate cancer treatment.

Difficulty Urinating

Patients having prostate cancer often report that while the urge to pee is uncontrollable, it can be difficult at times to start peeing. It may even be painful at times. If you can relate to this, then maybe consulting with a doctor would be a good idea to get yourself screened for prostate cancer.

Taking Too Long to Urinate

The process of urination takes longer than usual, and it can be tiring, as well. If your visits to the toilet are getting more frequent and the average duration of each visit is gradually increasing with time, it is highly recommended that you visit a doctor at the earliest. It would help you get a clear idea of whether you have prostate cancer or not and how it can be treated. It would also help you get the prostate cancer treatment at the right time without any delay that could be dangerous.

Uneasy Feeling

One of the common symptoms of prostate cancer is that even after you have urinated, you will get a feeling that your bladder has not emptied. It would make you want to visit the toilet frequently without much of a reason. It would induce a very uneasy feeling. 

Blood in Urine/Semen

If you notice blood coming out along with the urine or semen, it may be a clear indicator that you have a severe prostate problem that needs to be checked. In most of these cases, it is prostate cancer. Starting with the prostate cancer treatment as early as possible helps in faster recovery and controlling any damage that may have occurred internally. 

It is important to note here that the symptoms, as mentioned above, don’t always mean the presence of prostate cancer, and it can be due to other prostate-related issues as well. The size of the prostate in men continues to grow as they age, and many of the symptoms above are also common with a relatively common condition among men called prostate enlargement. 

In some cases, when prostate cancer is not treated timely, it can spread rapidly to other parts of the body. The signs that the prostate cancer has spread in the body are a pain in the back and neck region, unexplained weight loss, appetite loss, and pain in the testicles. 

How to Prevent Prostate Cancer?

There is no proven method or strategy to prevent prostate cancer, but making healthy life choices can undoubtedly aid in preventing it. Let us discuss some of these preventive ways recommended by doctors –

Healthy Diet

Choosing a diet that contains high-fibre and low-fat foods and a considerable amount of fresh fruits and vegetables can help in preventing prostate cancer. 

Manage Weight

Losing weight would make you less prone to prostate cancer. If you have a body-mass index of more than 30, you should reduce weight. Make it a priority as it is commonly seen that people who are obese are more susceptible to getting prostate cancer due to lack of exercise, increased weight, and poor diet. 

Exercise Regularly

Regularly exercising helps you avoid heat-related issues along with keeping many different cancers at bay. Similarly, it is known to be effective in reducing the risk of prostate cancer. Regularly exercising would also help you maintain as well as lose weight, which is essential to reducing the risk of attracting prostate cancer. 

Prostate cancer can be successfully treated these days, but the secret to successful treatment lies in early detection and diagnosis. Delay in getting the treatment can worsen the health condition of the patient and may give birth to other health conditions too. So, as soon as you notice any of the symptoms of prostate cancer mentioned above, seek professional medical help at the earliest.