You have heard from so many successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, and other professionals about how life coaching hastened their climb up the ladder of success. So, you wonder what it is, if it actually works, and if you could be a life coach. If you are the type of person who likes helping others and motivating them to become a better version of themselves, then perhaps life coaching is your calling.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is an approach that is significantly different from therapy. It helps your clients see their goals clearly and speeds up the progress in their personal life, career, and relationships. There are times when they get frustrated about work or need relationship advice, and having a life coach who can see things from a different perspective and has the knowledge and tools to guide them could make the difference between success and failure.

Life coaching is so much more than just motivating clients. Your clients rely on you to make them see their situations objectively and help provide solutions to overcome obstacles. Hence, adequate training is needed in order to become an effective life coach. There are institutions that offer the right tools, knowledge, and training that can help you in your accreditation, such as the iNLP Center approach to becoming a life coach.

What can you do as a life coach?

There are many aspects of a client’s life that life coaches can help with. Here are some of them:

  • Career
  • Hobbies
  • Dating
  • Education
  • Health
  • Personal relationships
  • Marriage

Life coaches help clients by doing the following:

Help with time management and priorities

A trained life coach helps clients set their goals clearly and helps structure their clients’ professional and personal life in order to become more productive. Most of the time, people have a habit of doing a trial and error strategy. This does not only delay them from achieving their goal but it can also prove to be counterproductive. Achieving more in less time is the secret to early success. Also, by structuring clients’ personal and professional life, work-life balance can be attained.

Assist with decision making

Most people tend to turn to their friends for advice when they are faced with a difficult decision or a problem, especially when it comes to their career. However, friends are not trained to ask the right questions to get to the bottom of things.

Life coaches, on the other hand, are trained to get the specifics in order for them to give guidance. They schedule a call or meeting each week with their clients in order to follow up on the progress being made. They push clients towards the right direction and help them take bigger steps and create bigger goals.

Help clients become more efficient

Entrepreneurs and other professionals already have some ideas about what their goals are, but the process of how to get from one point to the other is often unclear to them. Usually, different ideas are being acted upon all at the same time without achieving anything. This can prove to be exhausting, frustrating, and damaging.

A life coach makes them focus on their goals and defines strategies with them. Being efficient delivers results and brings clients to the finish line faster.


Having a life coach is much like having a personal health coach. Working out alone is well and good. Some people lose weight and achieve their dream body on their own. However, some people have a hard time doing this; they often find themselves talking to other gym-goers or constantly checking themselves out in front of a mirror and taking selfies more than doing the actual workout. Having a coach breathing down people’s neck, counting, and reminding them that they can do it motivates them to keep on going even if the workout is very challenging.

Life coaches do the same. They make sure that their clients are doing what they need to be doing by effectively motivating and guiding them every step of the way until the end goal is achieved.


Most people view life coaching as closing the gap between the life that the client is living right now and the life he or she wants to lead. With the help of a life coach, bridging that gap is faster and minimizes mistakes, if not totally eliminating them. You can contact a life coach because they can help you in all aspects of life and gives the client better financial stability, improved personal relationships, and a satisfying life overall.