Doctors treat a wide variety of diseases, with most even going a step further in their search for the cure of newly discovered ailments. There are doctors who are general practitioners, while other doctors practice a certain specialization. With the complexity of treating different parts of the human body, some doctors even specialize in treating males or females. Thus, we have andrologists.

The difference between a Urologist and an Andrologist

Urologists are doctors of urology, or the field of medicine that focuses on the urinary tract and adrenal gland of both men and women. Generally, urologists treat diseases and ailments that typically affect the kidneys, urethra, and bladder, and other urinary tract organs. On the other hand, Andrologists are doctors of Andrology, or the field of medicine that focuses on the treatment of male health problems, which includes the male genitalia. Thereby, Andrologists are also urologists, who focus on treating specifically those ailments that affect male fertility, as well as disorders of the male reproductive tract.

What does an Andrologist do?

Andrologists treat ailments in the male reproductive tract, as well as perform the necessary procedure to cure these ailments.

Diseases treated by an Andrologist

Some of the diseases treated by an Andrologist include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, genital infections, male infertility, curved penis, and testicular tumors to name a few. In the same manner as to how other doctors perform their treatments, an Andrologist usually performs a physical examination to assess not only the male genitalia, but the whole body of the patient. After which, he may perform a prostate examination and may require further tests such as a blood test, depending on the case of the patient. They are also capable of performing surgery as deemed necessary by the condition of the patient.

Where do andrologists practice their profession?

Most Andrologists set up specialty clinics, while others maintain their hospital affiliations. An andrologist in Chennai even offers psychosexual counselling in their specialty clinic, as well as premarital fertility assessment. These are additional services apart from the other treatments such as semen analysis and testing and male infertility assessment usually offered by Andrology clinics. Others opt to hold satellite clinics in hospitals to make it convenient for their patients to get in touch with them for consultations.

Like with other doctors, most Andrologists aim to reach out to patients who are in doubt to open up about their reproductive difficulty. Thus, they want to make treatments more cost-effective, while still maintaining reliable, evidence-based treatments.

Doctors all have but one aim, and that is to make their patients feel better by being able to combat their ailments and diseases. Some may specialize in treating children, while others focus on the elderly care. Still, some doctors build their expertise in treating women, such as helping them with childbirth, while other doctors are experts in male health problems, and these are the Andrologist. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that doctors build their expertise in their field of specialization with the goal of giving better treatments to patients.