Are you one of those who only associate collagen with beauty and youthful glow? That it’s something you can keep in your vanity kit? If you are, it’s high time to change your line of thinking and start taking it more seriously.

First, collagen is a form of protein that’s most abundantly present in your body. In fact, your body has been producing it all your life. It’s in your bones, muscles, skin, ligaments, and organs, among other parts.

While there’s not a single test that can measure your collagen level, there are several symptoms you can observe to know that it has been compromised. Good thing, with the help of supplements, such as marine collagen, replenishment of collagen is not that hard.

What’s Marine Collagen?

Another form of collagen found in fish parts that you typically dispose of, marine collagen has been rising in popularity and all for a good reason. It has been recognized as type 1 collagen, which is made of peptides and is considered the most efficiently absorbed out of all the types of collagen.

It contains 8 out of 9 essential amino acids, which can be tremendously beneficial for your health in so many ways. 

Benefits of Marine Collagen in Your Body

There are three abundant components of marine collagen, namely: glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. They have the most crucial roles in the overall health benefits of marine collagen. 

Some of them are as follows:

  • Aids In Losing Weight

It’s hard enough to lose or even maintain weight even when you’re doing rigorous exercise. However, it’s even harder to choose the right food for the same objective. You need to cut out excess fat, sugar, and cholesterol, yet, most foods have them at some levels.

By eating food that’s rich in collagen, such as marine collagen bars, it can help you feel full longer than you would with any ordinary meal. As a result of suppressed appetite, you can reduce your weight in no time.

  • Aids Bone Growth, Strength, and Healing

Taking marine collagen can help in increasing bone density. This is attained by helping in terms of calcium absorption, which, in effect, can aid in achieving bone strength.

It can also promote healing by increasing the collagen synthesis as well as integrating minerals into bones.

  • Boosts Muscle Mass

Since marine collagen is all-protein, it aids in increasing lean body mass and promoting muscle repair. As a result, expect these to have a positive effect on your body weight.

Other effects of taking optimal dietary protein include improved immune function and metabolism, which is the direct result of having a lot of lean muscles.

  • Produces Anti-Aging Effects

Aging is inevitable, and so is a lot of deterioration in your body. Perhaps the most visible signs are wrinkly and saggy skin brought about by the weakening of the skin’s collagen component.

Other than eating fruits and vegetables to keep that youthful glow, marine collagen can help in repairing damages caused by aging. It’s also known for being capable of producing reverse-aging effects.

By ingesting marine collagen, you can improve your skin’s hydration and firmness, thereby decreasing the wrinkles in the process.

  • Furnishes Antioxidant Protection

Amino acids are abundant in marine collagen, and these are critical elements in terms of risk reduction of many kinds of diseases and illnesses. Hydroxyproline, for example, can help in the regulation of the oxidative state of your cells.

On the other hand, glycine and proline protect your cell from various free radicals that cause damage. For instance, if you’re too exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, you need to take collagen starting today.

  • Stabilizes blood sugar

Patients with Type 2 diabetes have been found to have significant glycine insufficiency. Marine collagen, as mentioned, is abundant with amino acids, which include this particular one.

Eating foods or taking supplements rich in marine collagen might be all you need in keeping your blood sugar levels at bay. Of course, that’s not to discount your physician’s medical advice.

  • Promotes Brain Health

Glycine is known to be one of the contributing factors in improving sleep. Maintaining a complete sleep cycle has been proven to have a beneficial effect on brain functioning as well as mental alertness. Sleep can also be credited for keeping the mind in focus and relaxed state. 

Since collagen is made of around 20% glycine, it’s believed to provide a significant contribution in promoting brain health and well-being.

  • Antibacterial Effects

A study revealed that tilapia fish collagen showed some level of antibacterial effects in Staphylococcus mutans, a facultatively anaerobic, specialized organisms found in your oral cavity that mainly contributes to tooth decay.

Also, a specific peptide derived from collagen, called collagencin, inhibits the growth of the infection, which causes bacteria. Staph infections caused by another Staphylococcus bacteria were completely hindered by this peptide.


Sources of marine collagen can be abundant and readily available, but it’s still crucial that you consider your food source. A lot of food products nowadays are enriched with genetically-modified organisms, so choosing the non-GMO-Project certified products ensures good quality that translates to optimum benefits.

While some claim that marine collagen is an incomplete protein due to the lack of one essential amino acid, which is Tryptophan, it doesn’t erase the fact that the rest can do a tremendous job in your overall health. Besides, this lacking amino acid can be easily derived from other foods, like chicken, turkey, cheese, yogurt, and eggs, so it won’t really be much of an issue.