Recently, there has been a massive surge in the popularity of exercise bikes now that these innovative and effective machines have proven themselves worthy. Plus, whether you’re a gym junkie or an avid cyclist, this is perhaps the most fun way to stay in shape. Fitness freaks can now ride their way to their goal weight and maintain their health from the comfort of their home since these bad boys aren’t only accessible at the gym. This also means that outdoor cyclists don’t have to give up their daily rides due to bad weather conditions anymore. 

There are three types of exercise bikes to consider before purchasing one: the traditional, upright bike, the recumbent bike, and the spin bike. All three models provide solid workouts but have slightly different features, and it’s not a one size fits all case. Here is a brief guide to the most important features you need to look for in an exercise bike. 

Display with User-Friendly Controls

First and foremost, user-friendly controls are a must if you want a suitable machine to work with. The last thing you want is to struggle with the settings before a workout. This can put you off altogether. You cannot purchase an exercise bike that doesn’t have a display feature. A good smart cycle will display all the vital information you need such as your heart rate, the speed, the calories burned, resistance levels, time and distance details, and the revolutions per minute (RPM). Considering a bike that does not have a combination of these details will make it much harder for you to track your progress.  

Preset Programming

Preset programs are important if you want a bike that is suitable for your fitness level. You’ll want to opt for bikes with adjustable programs that suit your current fitness level, but can be altered as you progress. Moreover, you will find that machines with programming will make it easier for you to engage in heart-rate-controlled workouts that are appropriate for your age, gender, and weight. 

Exercise bikes with these convenient features can have a price range between $200 to $2000. This significant price gap makes finding the right one difficult if you don’t have any prior knowledge about this item. If you are looking for a gym-like experience in the comfort of your own home, you can purchase that same smart bike that you use at the gym or other alternatives that are just as functional for a bargain. You can compare reputable brands, such as Echelon or Nordictrack, by doing some research beforehand to ensure that you’ll be getting a solid workout from your new machine. 

A Heart-Rate Monitor

Your heart-rate has already been mentioned twice in this article, so you should know by now that monitoring your heart-rate during a workout is of the utmost importance. A heart-rate monitor is a vital component that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. A machine with this feature will accurately track your heart rate to make sure you are exercising safely and effectively. Exercise bikes that have a chest strap heart-rate monitor are the best, as they don’t impede your movement. Don’t even think about those with contact monitors because they will only measure your heart rate through touch, which might interrupt your workout session and make it for you difficult to exercise. 

Safety Features 

You should always prioritize safety when purchasing any exercise equipment. Smart cycles have plenty of detachable and movable parts that could cause injury. Safety features, such as locks, are a must when considering your purchase and you will need to follow the provided instructions, even if this isn’t your first time using one – each model might have different instructions. Lastly, make sure the safety lock is enabled if you have children. It’s best to keep your bike out of children’s reach at all times, and especially when in use. 

Resistance Control

If you want your workouts to be tailored to your fitness level, then resistance control is a feature you should not skimp on. A bike with various adjustable resistance control levels will ensure that you are exercising safely and effectively. To make the most out of your bike, make sure that you consider one with electric resistance control. That way, you can use the controls to get the desired result. Luckily, most exercise bikes have this feature. 

Whether you are hoping to lose weight, gain muscle, or strengthen your legs, hips, and glute muscles, exercise bikes can help you achieve your goals, as you can adjust the resistance to suit your needs. They are also almost as good as running for cardiorespiratory fitness. Getting your own exercise bike will do wonders for your health, just make sure the one you purchase has the aforementioned features and comes with a warranty.