To achieve progress, it is worth paying attention to some points, such as PlayAmo Canada. Achieving the maximum results in sports is interesting for professional athletes and amateurs who engage in physical activity for pleasure.

In fitness, when the results are slowed down, the concept of a plateau is used. A training plateau is a condition in which the progress of physical parameters stops due to the body’s adaptation to the load. This does not mean that you have reached your maximum. It might be worth changing the way you train.

Some factors that we often forget about can affect the improvement of results. And in vain, because if you pay enough attention to them, you can solve problems with progress and stabilize your psychological state.

Quality sleep

Sleep is a great way to increase productivity. Not getting enough sleep is bad for your brain. He is responsible for the coordination and biomechanics of movements—Matthew Walker, in “Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams,” analyzed the relationship between sleep and injury in sports. If you sleep for six hours, the risk of injury is twice as high as when you sleep for eight hours.

Walker found out how sleep deprivation affects basketball players during a match. Research shows that getting adequate sleep improves the quality of play. A 29% increase in the number of points scored per minute and a 2% increase in three-point shots per match, a 12% increase in the ability to stay in the game longer. But lack of sleep increases the use of prohibited techniques by 45%.


It is necessary to prepare muscles, joints, and heart for exercise. A good warm-up improves muscle performance and reduces the chance of injury.

Additionally, you tune the psyche and nervous system for the upcoming work. Vision, hearing, and reaction speed are improved.

Learning the right technique

The correct technique will significantly increase your results. As a rule, it is understood as movements that will consume the minimum amount of the body’s resources but will be as effective as possible.

For example, in the bench press, powerlifters hone their movement technique to squeeze out their maximum weight. Someone is working on flexibility for deflection in the lower back and looking for the elbow joint’s optimal angle. Each sport has its characteristics. It is impossible to achieve the highest level without the correct technique.

Breath control

Inhalation provides us with oxygen, and exhalation cleanses the body of carbon dioxide. The work of the nervous system is associated with breathing. By controlling it, you can manage your emotions, moving from stress to a calm state. Breathing is an essential factor in running. Correct inhalation and exhalation allow you to run faster and longer with less effort.

When we breathe through our chest, we do not use all of our lungs, and we have to breathe more often. Breathing through the diaphragm gives more oxygen. And the more air the muscles receive, the more efficiently they perform the work.

Concentration of attention

The modern world forces us to live in a multitasking mode. Never before has a person lived in such comfort, but the number of people experiencing stress grows every year. Due to the large variety of information, it became difficult for people to concentrate on one thing for too long.

If you think about passing a report or an exam during exercise, this will worsen your athletic performance by 100%. If you concentrate on your workout, you will significantly improve your performance.

Try focusing on moving your legs to run 10 km without much internal resistance. Another way is to shift your attention to body sensations such as heartbeat and breathing rate. In strength training, concentrate on muscle work. For example, when pulling up, you can watch how the load is shifted from the back muscles to the arms and vice versa. This improves the connection between the brain and muscles.

If you pay attention to these five things, you can get the most out of your workouts. As you continually feel progress, you will enjoy your sport more.