Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is commonly referred to as brain disorder in which a person faces challenges to cope with others. They have difficulty communicating and interacting socially. The disorder restricts them to repetitive behaviors, interests, and activities. The Center for Disease Control describes ASD as a disability that can cause problems and challenges in life. Though people with ASD set them apart from daily communication and social interaction, there are ways to learn and interact in some other ways. People who have ASD happen to be gifted as well as challenged. Some require a lot of support; others need less. 

Autism is more likely to happen in boys than in girls. It is found in all ethnics and social groups. There is no evidence for the cause of Autism, while others describe it as the point of genetic components. Scientists have made out through twin studies that Autism Spectrum Disorder is a genetically based disorder.

In the case of twins, they have proved that there are 36-95% chances of ASD in the other monozygotic twin if one identical twin already has it. For non-identical or dizygotic, there is a 0-31% chance that both will have it.

ASD, due to any outer environmental change, is still to find out. Although there came a theory in the late 1990s that, in a few cases, vaccines are responsible for ASD, it was proven wrong later on by numerous scientists. Treatment of Autism in India is followed by medication and therapies. Autism treatment in Bangalore is a good option for one who is tired of having a thousand checkups by local physicians. 

Symptoms of Autism

In Infants

  • Lack of eye contact
  • No response towards a smile 
  • Lack of baby talks

In Adolescent and Adults

  • Difficulty understanding and finding words to speak
  • Difficulty finding the right expressions
  • Repetitive use of the same phrase
  • Disinterest in making new friends
  • Lack of concentration

Autism Diagnosis

Diagnosis is an important step if you find your child in the grab of Autism. Physicians can do a limited checkup only; he or she will refer your child to another doctor.

If we see the diagnosis process, it will involve:

  • Genetic testing
  • Screening
  • History of seizures and head trauma
  • Information about your child’s history

Autism Treatment in India

ASD has treatment centers, mostly in big cities. Autism treatment in Bangalore, India, is a commonly spoken word among people. There are several therapies to cure this state of mind. Let’s have a glance at them.

Speech therapy – Since the person with ASD finds difficulty speaking and communicating, they are subjected to speech therapy, along with medication. A licensed speech-language pathologist helps patients improve their communication skills and gain better expressions to express their needs.

Occupational Therapy – This method is used to treat the sensory integration connected with ASD. It helps the patient learn reacting skills in certain situations. OT improves the ability to respond and participate in daily activities.

Physical Therapy – It is used to improve sensory integration issues as well as gross motor skills. It helps the patients to be aware of his presence in the space. 

Medication – And finally, along with all these therapies, the patient sits upon proper medication and pharmaceutical treatments. It helps patients to come out from irritability and aggression at times.