In this modern age, cold brew coffee is replacing some of the other popular beverages by leaps and bounds. Cold brew coffee is gaining in popularity and is indeed trending in terms of being a favourite indulgent. What does this cold beverage have that the others don’t have?

  • a smooth and sweet flavour
  • it is not as acidic as compared to the standard hot coffee
  • preferred over soda drinks and artificially sweetened drinks

Cold Brew Coffee: Re-Emerged in the Market

Cold brew coffee is not a new beverage. It was invented years ago and has re-emerged into the market for good reasons. The younger generation has made it very popular in this modern time. It is a loved specialty choice in various coffee establishments. Roasters and coffee shops ought to be informed of this re-emerging beverage because the millennial coffee drinkers have brought the cold brew coffee back at a full throttle pace.

The Benefits: Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee offers so many benefits to those who choose to enjoy a bolder and smoother beverage. This cold brew has plenty of very high antioxidant activity. Antioxidants are known to offer preventative benefits when consumed. They prevent unwanted diseases that tend to shorten lifespans. The following are some noteworthy benefits:

  • may reduce the risk of heart disease
  • can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • can lower the risk of type 2 diabetics
  • can give the metabolism a boost
  • can enhance the mood

Steeping Process

Cold brew coffee does involve a steeping process:

  • coarsely ground beans (coffee)
  • water which is at a room temperature
  • a coffee concentrate is created with this process

This process does differ from various ice coffees. They are brewed in hot temperatures and then chilled. The cold brew coffees are kept at room-temperature in order to create the concentrate. This can be mixed with milk or cold water once it has been turned into a concentrate form. Those who drink this and have made it popular, hold the belief that it has much more flavour as compared to other coffee drinks.

Not An Iced Coffee

There are some notable differences when you compare cold brew vs iced coffee. Heat is never used in the cold brew process. This is referring to the extraction process. This is why there is a very natural sweet flavour to it. Without the heat, in the brewing process, the lowered acidity creates the smoother texture which is quite bold. When the iced coffee is brewed, it is doubled in strength. The process leaves the iced coffee with a lighter body and texture. Often the iced coffee is sweetened and many will add a touch of milk or cream. Cold brew coffee tends to be stronger because it steeps for 12 hours or so. Both ice coffee and cold brew coffee look the same, there is a difference in the taste and health benefits.

When you take everything in account, it all comes down to a brewing method: cold brew coffee has a balanced caffeine and is usually made with a slightly higher ratio of coffee with water, usually 1 ounce (1/4 cup) of ground coffee for every cup of water. This enables the brew to have a stronger and more intense flavour making it top choice for all those coffee lovers around the world. Enjoy!