Testosterone: what is it in men

As you know, in the human body there are both female and male hormones. According to ancient Greek myths, the ancestors of people were androgynous – creatures that combined male and female traits. Proud of themselves, the androgynes began to argue with the gods, and they divided them into two parts. So two sexes appeared.

Testosterone is the very tool that divides the two sexes. Only at the 8th or 9th week of pregnancy in the fetus, due to the predominance of one or another hormone, sexual characteristics begin to form. If male hormone predominates, a boy is born.

Thus, testosterone can be compared with the mythological Zeus, who divided people into two sexes. It is no coincidence that it was Zeus who headed the Olympic gods. To this day, testosterone affects the desire of men to dominate.

In addition to the desire to dominate, testosterone has a direct effect on

  • mood and masculine self-confidence;
  • The sobriety of judgments and the presence of energy;
  • muscle hardness and bone strength;
  • heart function and healthy erection.
  • Testosterone is produced in the testicles in men, female ovaries and adrenal glands. But in the female body, it is processed into the hormone estrogen, which is responsible for the formation of female traits in appearance and behavior.

Testosterone: Why is it needed

Testosterone affects the appearance, psychological state, and behaviour of men.

Due to the increase in testosterone levels in adolescence, not only youthful acne appears, but also male features:

  • The hormone influences the formation of the reproductive system: the proper development of the prostate gland, testes, and penis.
  • It contributes to the formation of secondary sexual characteristics: the appearance of hair on the body and face, the appearance of a rough and low timbre of the voice.
  • The production of protein, which is necessary for the formation of strong muscle tissue, also depends on the level of testosterone.
  • Thanks to testosterone, fat in the male body are distributed evenly, is not deposited in the abdomen.

In addition to male features, testosterone affects the psychological state of men:

  • Excess hormone contributes to the formation of aggression and the desire for dominance in all areas of life.
  • He gives courage to manly deeds but also contributes to the fact that men are less inclined to empathy, do not talk about their feelings and do not make them public.
  • A normal level of testosterone is a guarantee that a man will have a good mood and a fully functioning brain.
  • Thanks to testosterone, blood circulation improves, which ensures a normal erection and sperm production.
  • It is also responsible for the receipt in the brain of signals of attraction to the opposite sex. Thus, it provides a man with not only the opportunity but also the desire to get closer to a woman.

The amount of testosterone in the male body decreases over time. In this case, changes in the appearance and behavior of men. So, when the body lacks testosterone:

  • A man feels muscle weakness, loses endurance and quickly gets tired.
  • Serious shortness of breath appears, sweating increases.
  • Weight changes and the body redistributes body fat, increasing them in the abdomen and chest.
  • There is less hair on the body, and the skin is decrepit.
  • Erection worsens and, as a result, sexual desire decreases. In this case, there are sharp mood swings.

It should be noted that an excess of testosterone can be detrimental to the body, which leads to:

  • Unreasonable irritation and aggressive behavior.
  • Problems with pressure and heart.
  • Violation of the reproductive system.
  • The dangers of cancer.
  • Testosterone is an important hormone that is present in both male and female bodies. It determines the appearance and behavior of a man.

Its deficiency can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, you need to take care of maintaining testosterone at a sufficient level in the body. TestoGen contains natural ingredients to boost your testosterone easily and safely.