As we age, our bodies also change and most of time the changes happen internally, without us knowing about it, until we feel that we are not the same person that we used to be. Aging and the usual wear and tear that our bodies undergo as we live our lives and work for a living will ultimately take a toll in our bodies and will affect our quality of life. Men traditionally are known for their strength and dominance, and energy. They have to be able to take on manly roles and assume the responsibilities of being the provider, the protector, the lover, the father, the husband and a lot more. It is important to take care of their health and to be in top condition to face any challenge by knowing more about Testosterone Replacement Therapy San Diego.


                Hormones are chemical substances that our glands produce for the smooth functioning of our bodies. There are different hormones that are responsible for specific processes like insulin that is needed by the body to metabolize glucose, the lack of insulin in the body leads to diabetes which affects a huge number of people nowadays. The over or under production of hormones will have significant effects on the body and may lead to certain illnesses and conditions that would limit the ability of the body to function normally and have positive well-being. If the body produces too much of one kind of hormone, he or she must undergo medication to correct it, and if it is under produced then hormone replacement therapy is given, just like what Testosterone Replacement Therapy San Diego provides.


                Testosterone is referred to as the male hormone, in that it is the hormone that is responsible for the male secondary sexual characteristics. In essence, it is the hormone that makes a man. Testosterone is produced by the testes and are normally at a high level among adult men. Recent research has found that although males produce testosterone throughout their lifetime, at the age of forty, the amount it produces decrease and consequently impacts the overall functioning of the body. Testosterone is important for the energy level, mood and sex drive of men.

Low Testosterone

                Low testosterone levels can significantly affect the body and the ability to perform the different roles that the individual has. Research has shown that fatigue, loss of libido, lack of sleep, moodiness, weight gain, muscle loss and poor concentration are among the most common symptoms of low testosterone. In the past, such feelings have been lumped into becoming old and a natural consequence of aging. With recent developments, low testosterone can now be successfully addressed through testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

                Testosterone replacement therapy is the procedure with which low testosterones are treated, with replacement therapy the body is infused with additional testosterone to increase the amount that is present in the body and bring it to normal levels. The injections are usually done in a clinic and the therapy will last from three months to six, depending on the response of the body.

Do You Need It?

                If you have been feeling like something is not right with your body and your energy levels, you have erratic moods, are easily frustrated and may have lost interest in sex then you might have low testosterone. To accurately determine if you indeed need testosterone replacement therapy, you can actually have yourself tested in a clinic or laboratory. In Testosterone Replacement Therapy San Diego, patients can actually have themselves tested at their in house laboratory and get their results after twenty minutes. Since hormones are produced by the glands in the body, if levels are low, it would mean that the body is not producing enough and the best way to address this is hormone replacement therapy.

Choosing a Clinic

                If you suspect that you have low testosterone, the next step is of course to have yourself tested and determined if you do need replacement therapy. After which, you need to consider which clinic to choose. The best clinic for you would be that which can work with your needs and schedule. For example, Testosterone Replacement Therapy San Diego offers services like a world class clinic designed to be comfortable, high-tech and a home away from home for its patients. It also has its own in-house laboratory, fast appointments and use only natural testosterone.

                When you have made your choice, then you can begin your treatment. You need to consult with the health care providers and team of doctors in the clinic to design your treatment program. This step is crucial as it would take into account your therapy needs and goals. After the consultation, you will then your weekly therapy in the form of injections. You can then have your injection within twenty minutes per week so as not to interfere with your daily life and will not keep you from your busy schedule.

                Moreover, choose clinics that accept health insurance so that your treatment would not cause a dent in your family and personal finances. It is important that from the start you already have an idea of how much the treatment would cost you and whether you can successfully complete the therapy. Such knowledge would also improve your chances of benefitting from the therapy as you can focus on regaining your strength and becoming better.

What Other Men Are Saying About It

                There are now a number of men who have been undergoing testosterone replacement therapy and they only have positive views about it. Some have said that after only a month of therapy, they are now feeling better and feeling like their younger selves. They also have improved moods, felt happier and more able to do the things they wanted to do. At about three months of therapy, the patients did report building more muscle mass and lost fat muscles and they had higher energy levels. Generally, patients felt more passionate, and had better quality of life. Replacement therapy can be the best thing you could do for your health and well-being.