Elliptical machines are probably the most ignored machine out of all cardio machines. People have this perception that it is boring and useless and they would rather use a treadmill instead. But in reality, elliptical machines have a lot of benefits when compared to a treadmill or Stairmaster.

An elliptical machine can help raise your heartbeat more than what a treadmill can and it works as efficiently as any other machine when it comes to improving your fitness. We are here to tell you what people are saying about the EFITMENT E005 elliptical from ZooVaa. ZooVaa is a shipping company that lowers the price of quality exercise equipment. You can also get new ZooVaa deals on Coupon Cause. Before jumping right into the product, let’s see some of the benefits of using an Elliptical machine.

Benefits of using Elliptical Machine:

1.Get your heart pumping: Research shows that your pulse revs up higher while using an elliptical machine than using a treadmill. Just try it out yourself. The next two days you go to the gym, get a stopwatch and use the treadmill for an hour and the next day use the elliptical machine for an hour. You will be able to clearly tell that the legs hurt more after doing workout on the elliptical machine.

2.Get a total body workout: Unlike treadmills that only workout your legs, an elliptical machine gives a total body workout. Upper and lower body both. These machines have handle-levers which are pulled and pushed along with the leg movement while doing the workout. Which helps you work your upper body as well.

3.Weight Loss: This device is a beast when it comes to losing weight. It can speed up your weight loss a lot. Research shows that using the elliptical machine for half an hour can help you burn 400 calories.

4.Read or watch something: Using an Elliptical Machine is way easier than using a treadmill and you can easily read a book while doing the workout. You can also watch your TV show or favorite movies while working out at the same time.

EFITMENT E005 Elliptical from ZooVaa:

The Efitment E005 is one of the best Elliptical trainers you can get under the budget of 250 USD.


  •    Dimensions: 34.5 x 24.5 x 61
  •    Weight: 63 lbs (28.5 kg)
  •    Footplates: Standard, ribbed
  •    Resistance: Manual magnetic, 8 levels
  •    Incline: No
  •    Stride: 11 inches (28 cm)
  •    Extras: Tablet holder
  •    Warranty: 3 years

7 Reasons why you should buy the Effitment E005 Elliptical from ZooVaa:

  •    If you live in an apartment with enough space for a cardio equipment, if you have tight budget but still want the best value for your money.
  •    The device can be fitted anywhere. Bedroom, balcony, closet, you can fit the device anywhere easily.
  •    If you have a height of less than 5.7 feet.
  •    It is affordable. You can get it at a price as low as 199.49 USD from Zoovaa.
  •    This model E005 is just top rated! People who bought it, do not regret spending money at all. This is one of the best quality products you can get at such a cheap price.
  •    You can assemble the product easily. There is no need to call an expert or professional to get it assembled. Just follow the instruction and you can do it by yourself.


Whether you are trying to lose weight or get fit, this product will definitely help you out with the progress but remember that things won’t happen overnight. Consistency is the key! Make sure you work out every day and you will definitely see results soon. Good luck!