Computer glasses are a great option for those that tend to spend a lot of time in front of their screens. Whether looking at the glare on a desktop/laptop, or on a portable handheld device, these glasses feature coatings such as anti-glare coating, slight magnification, and decentered pupillary distance that help reduce eye strain. Anti-glare or anti-reflective coating is required to reduce reflections coming from computer screens and overhead fluorescent lighting on the front of the lens surface.

Computer glasses block about 50% of the blue light coming from screens because blue light in natural quantities is healthy and required by the body for certain functions such as regulating the circadian rhythm. It’s only the excessive blue light from digital devices that need to be blocked out as even the slightest exposure to the same activates the retinal cells in our eyes and halts the secretion of melatonin, the hormone responsible for promoting a good night’s sleep.

Many sunglasses are also tinted and for similar reasons. Blue light glasses can drastically improve vision on the playing field by filtering glare and creating greater contrast between background and foreground colors using zFORT® Blue light blocking. For example, yellow-tinted lenses increase contrast in low light conditions. They also enhance the color yellow, which can give a tennis player a competitive edge. Amber-tinted sunglasses can filter out blue light, deepening the color of the sky and making white objects, like baseballs, stand out more clearly.

What Is Blue Light?

High-energy visible light (commonly called blue light) makes up approximately one-third of the visible spectrum. The main source of blue light is sunlight, but the screens of our computers and other digital devices emit a sizable amount of blue light too. This amount isn’t enough to present any immediate health problems, but spending a large amount of time in front of screens may have negative long-term effects on our eyesight as well as an assortment of other issues including the disruption of our sleep cycle.. 

We are told that we need to decrease our screen time, but this can be challenging in today’s fast paced lifestyle when we are dependent on them for all sorts of activities. An easy rule to keep in mind to prevent damage is the 20-20-20 rule which means that for every 20 minutes on your device, you should spend at least 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away. Good digital use habits and a good quality pair of blue light blocking lenses help to filter out this harmful light and ease the strain on our eyes.

What Are Anti-Blue Light Glasses?

If you spend much of your day in front of a screen, you likely need blue light glasses. They help to protect your eyes from digital eye strain and can prevent computer vision syndrome. Many people in fields requiring a high amount of daily computer or screen use utilize them as they protect their eyes from the blue light emitted from the screens without compromising their vision. 

Do I Need Blue Light Glasses?

While they work for those who don’t require any vision correction, blue-blocking lenses are also suitable for those who: 

  • Need prescription eyewear for presbyopia. 
  • Wear reading glasses.
  • Wear progressive lenses. 
  • Wear bifocals. 

Blue light glasses are also great for people who have visual impairments over intermediate distances and want to achieve a sharper focus and enhance visual clarity. A variety of lens customization options are available for your blue-blocking prescription lenses to maximize your eyesight and comfort. These include scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings, all built to protect your glasses (and your eyes) from everyday stresses and strains. 

zFORT® Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Now that we understand the harmful effects of blue light, how can they be blocked with our eyeglasses? The answer is zFORT® Blue Light Block. It’s a blue light blocking technology that helps to block blue light wavelengths (between 380nm and 500 nm), that can scatter easily causing damage to the eye. By limiting the penetration of these short wavelengths, zFORT® provides a ‘fort-like’ protection to the eye.

Are Blue Light Glasses Worth It?

By blocking blue light, you let your body’s normal circadian rhythm take place; an important factor for getting a good night’s sleep. Not only do blue light glasses reduce digital eye strain, they also allow your body to take its natural cues from the sun, rather than deceptive screens.

Your vision is precious so take good care of it with a pair of glasses that tick all of the boxes.