Yoga has become one of the most popular forms of exercise, boasting millions of practitioners worldwide. But while women are known to make up a large percentage of this population, men’s yoga has picked up in popularity in recent years.

In fact, reports state that the United States has seen a 150 percent increase in male yoga practitioners from 2012 to 2016. It’s of little wonder why, as this practice offers men a myriad of benefits, like better sleep, flexibility, strength, posture, cardiovascular health, and even brain function.

Assuming you’re hoping to encounter yoga’s astonishing impacts firsthand, you’ll have to furnish yourself with the right apparel pieces before your most memorable meeting.

What Makes Up a Men’s Yoga Outfit?

What you wear probably won’t appear to be significant from the start, however it can really influence the nature of your experience. All things considered, yoga requires significantly more extending and bowing than your typical exercise. Ordinarily, a yoga outfit is contained the accompanying essential things:


For tops, loose-fitting t-shirts and muscle tees are the best options. Of course, do make sure that your t-shirts aren’t too baggy and allow you to raise your arms with ease. Muscle tees are the ideal tops for yoga as they promote your arms’ full range of movement. Their sleeveless designs also make it easier to cool off and monitor your upper body alignment.


Generally, you can choose to wear shorts or long pants. Shorts are best used in warmer environments or sessions with intense heat like Bikram yoga. Mid-thigh shorts with a snug fit and flexible waistband work best, as they stay in place and allow you to stretch without exposing your underwear. Pants, on the other hand, are best for colder environments.


Technically speaking, socks are optional, as yoga can be done barefoot. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to wear socks during your yoga sessions if you prefer to do so. However, there are some situations in which wearing socks can help you perform better.

If you’re practicing yoga in a cold environment, for example, a cozy pair of socks can keep your feet warm. Socks with sole grips can also prevent you from slipping on your mat. Some of the best compression socks, like Burlix’s socks, even promote better blood flow, so you can hold poses without getting leg fatigue or muscle burnout.

On the off chance that you’re rehearsing yoga in a cool climate, for instance, a comfortable sets of socks can keep your feet warm. Socks with sole grasps can likewise keep you from slipping on your mat. The absolute best pressure socks, similar to nfl week 4 odds, even advance better blood stream, so you can hold presents without getting leg exhaustion or muscle burnout.

What Qualities Should You Look For When Choosing Men’s Yoga Apparel?

Now that you know the clothing pieces you need to invest in for your yoga outfit, be sure to look for the following qualities when shopping for the right apparel:

A Good Fit

Generally, yoga clothes should strike a balance between being snug and loose-fitting. A snug fit will let you move freely while staying true to your body’s silhouette. Form-fitting clothes also allow you to move without distractions, unlike baggy garments that tend to slip down when you’re stretching. However, do avoid clothes that are too tight, as they can also restrict movement and cause discomfort.


Given the wide range of poses that you’ll be doing, it’s best to purchase garments that are made of highly stretchable fabric. Your clothing should move with you, rather than against you. This means that stiff materials like denim should be avoided. Instead, opt for clothing pieces like yoga leggings, which contain a high amount of spandex for that extra stretch.

Moisture-Wicking Properties

You’ll definitely be sweating during your yoga sessions, especially if you’re practicing in a hot environment. With that in mind, avoid tops and bottoms that are predominantly made of cotton. Though it’s a comfortable material, it tends to absorb a lot of moisture and fails to dry quickly. Instead, opt for clothes made out of synthetic material like polyester. Unlike cotton, synthetic fibers draw sweat away from your body, making outfits made out of this material more breathable.

Lightweight Materials

The last thing you want during your men’s yoga sessions is to be bogged down by heavy or bulky clothes. This is why picking garments made from lightweight materials is essential. Again, clothes made from synthetic fabrics or blends are perfect for this, as they’re much lighter than apparel made from cotton material.


Even if you’re not planning to practice yoga for very long, you’ll still need to invest in clothes that’ll withstand multiple wears and washes. Similar to the previous sections, opt for apparel made out of synthetic fibers or blends. They’re easier to wash, faster to dry, and generally tougher than most cotton garments.

Remember: the wrong kinds of clothes can hamper your movement and weigh you down whenever you’re practicing yoga. That’s why getting a good set of well-fitted, stretchable, and breathable garments is so important. With the right outfit, you can not only stay comfortable, but also make the most out of every men’s yoga session.


Regardless of whether you’re not wanting to rehearse yoga for extremely lengthy, you’ll in any case have to put resources into garments that will endure various wears and washes. Like the past areas, choose attire made from manufactured strands or mixes. They’re more straightforward to wash, quicker to dry, and by and large harder than most cotton articles of clothing.

Keep in mind: some unacceptable sorts of garments can hamper your development and overload you while you’re rehearsing yoga. That is the reason getting a decent arrangement of well-fitted, stretchable, and breathable pieces of clothing is so significant. With the right outfit, you can remain agreeable, yet in addition make the most out of each and every men’s yoga meeting.