There are so many misconceived notions about birth control that can influence your choice of which method you choose. There is, therefore, the need to set the record straight on this misconception to help you make the right and informed decisions when it comes to choosing the best contraceptives. Your Phoenix birth control specialist at Desert Star Family Planning can provide you all the information you require.

Which Birth Control Works Best

This is a common puzzle by women who want to use contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies. You will hear many misconceptions out there where people tend to say that all birth control methods are the same when it comes to protection. However, this is not true and is just another misconception. The rate of protection varies from different birth controls, and permanent sterilization offers total protection. Besides, the arm implant and the intrauterine device also gives the most protection compared to other options as they have up to 1 % pregnancy risk.

It is also good to note that the commonly used contraception methods have failure rates associated with how the procedures are done. Most birth control can have about a 10% failure rate, and this has nothing to do with the option you choose but how it is done.

Therefore, it is right to say that the success and failure of any birth control method are based on other factors other than the option itself. But remember that when it comes to protection, different options will offer more protection than others. Always take your time to consult your doctor.

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Birth Control and Weight Gain

Another common concern most women have is whether birth control methods are associated with weight gain. This is because they have heard many preconceived notions that leave them with so many unanswered questions. The truth is that only one birth control method has been linked to weight gain. The progestin hormonal injection has been found to increase the weight of women when given every three months.

However, it is a fact that most American women gain weight naturally every year, and if one is using birth control, it can be mistaken to be the cause of weight gain.

Birth Control and Infertility

This also is an area where you can find many preconceived notions about contraceptives. You may have heard some people saying that birth control methods can cause infertility and other fertility-related complications. However, just because contraceptives make it difficult for you to get pregnant, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be pregnant. It is better to put it that way.

Although some people believe that long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) such as IUDs and the arm implant can cause fertility problems, they only interfere with conception when they are in place. Once you desire to get pregnant and you remove them, you will conceive.

Is IUD Insertion Painful

You will find many women worrying about getting an IUD with the fear of pain and not having experienced it before because of notions they have heard. It is always good to ask your provider about such information for different methods of contraception. Please note that every procedure is unique to every woman, and for most women, the experience is like a typical pelvic exam. Although you can expect some spotting, it only lasts for several hours, and discomfort depends on you as an individual.