It is no secret that substance abuse could be relatively costly for you. It will drain you financially, emotionally, and health-wise. But things do not get easier even after treatment. There is a high chance that you could end up relapsing, and it is never a good thing. That’s why learning strategies for relapse prevention

Various elements will often go into recovering from addiction, making it one of the most intense processes. As you long for lasting freedom, it would also be right for you to get ready for such relapses. However, this should not make you lose hope. Instead, get a Newport Beach relapse prevention professional to help you.

If you are in this phase, then it would be best for you to hang in there. Here are a few things to keep you moving.

Types and stages of relapses

·         Emotional relapses

Emotional relapse will often occur upon exposure to particular events that could affect your life. These events could be either internal or external. For instance, the loss of loved ones or relationships could expose you to stress, which results in relapse.

·         Mental relapse

This stage of relapsing will often highlight behavioral changes in an individual. During this stage, various bottled emotions will get manifested. Perhaps, an individual could start dwelling on the times they enjoyed during substance abuse.

·         Loss of control

This type of relapse highlights poor judgment and inadequate thought into various actions. Ideally, an individual will hardly be able to manage their emotions and actions which doesn’t help with relapse prevention. Patients are likely to find solace in alcohol and substance abuse at this point too.

·         Physical relapses

This stage is the most critical. It is during this time that one will start to physically use hard drugs and alcohol once more, and perhaps in excess. It is a stage that no one longs to reach, and continuous therapy will always come in handy at this point.

Relapse Prevention Medication

Often, relying on relapse prevention medication will be vital in reducing your drug cravings. This medication comes in handy for those who want to realize long-term abstinence, and you should be one of them. Also, they will help in lowering the rates of relapses.

In most cases, these medications will come alongside psychological help. This blend will be vital in ensuring that you get comprehensive treatment in the long run.

However, it would be fair to mention that we do not have specific medications for particular substances. For this reason, the treatment is highly likely to be personalized. It is through this that you will be sure of enhanced effectiveness in the long run.

Also, you will find coping skills being relatively dominant during this treatment. They will help in dealing with the various temptations that you could face in your journey to recovery. These skills are essential in identifying some of the triggers, and consequently, how to suppress them. Clinical therapy will also be worth trying at this point.

Everyone desires to have enhanced freedom in their lives. A life free from drugs and substance abuse is not only enriching but also satisfactory. As you cruise to this destination, we hope that you do not give up.