Erectile dysfunction (or ED) is the inability to have a firm erection for sexual intercourse. Many men experience this erectile dysfunction due to stress, relationship issues, or any other emotional difficulties that may affect his ability to perform sexual intercourse. Having an erection failure from time to time is not a cause for alarm. However, you should see a specialist in erectile dysfunction in Coconut Creek when the issue becomes a common occurrence.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

Several factors cause erectile dysfunction. A man’s sexual stimulation is a complex system that entails the blood vessels, the brain, nerves, feelings, muscles, and hormones. ER can, therefore, result from a problem with this system. However, stress and mental health issues can also accelerate erectile dysfunction. Other causes can include:

Heart disease

Heart disease and erectile dysfunction have a strong connection. Several studies have concluded that if a man has heart disease, he will likely experience sexual arousal failure. The blockage of arteries (atherosclerosis) is believed to be why heart problems come before ED. This is because blockage of arteries results in low blood flow in the penis, thus hindering erection. Experts have also explained that erectile dysfunction results from dysfunction of the blood vessels (endothelial dysfunction), which results in an inadequate supply of blood to the heart, thus impairing the flow of blood to the penis.


ED is a common problem for people ailing from diabetes. It results from the damage of blood vessels due to persistent poor control of blood sugar levels. For an erection to occur, the blood vessels need to be healthy. Normal levels of hormones and sexual arousal will not be successful without healthy blood vessels.

Kidney disease

Erectile dysfunction is a common disease for people ailing from kidney disease. The argument behind this is that kidney disease affects other organs and tissues’ function, hence influencing the endocrine system. This further reduces the renal function, therefore impairing the function of hormones.

Other factors that cause erectile dysfunction include psychological problems, neurological diseases, prostate cancer, injury of the penis, Peyronie’s disease, venous leak, drug abuse, and damage to the pelvic region due to surgery, among other causes.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by one of the factors above. You should visit a doctor if you have any medical condition, since this can predispose you to ED.

How is erectile dysfunction treated?

When you visit a Broward Specialty Group specialist, they will carry out a physical examination and ask you questions that will help them properly diagnose your condition. It will also help the doctor provide the appropriate treatment. If you have a severe health issue, the doctor will help you get further help to eliminate the problem by recommending more treatment depending on your needs’ seriousness and your preferences. ED should not be a significant concern, but if it is frequent and does not seem to subside, seek the specialist’s intervention, as this might be a sign of a severe underlying problem. To prevent erectile dysfunction, remember always to live a healthy lifestyle and seek treatment for existing illnesses.