While the terms “fat reduction” and “weight loss” might seem like one and the same, they do not actually mean the same thing. Weight loss refers to how your fat cells change in size through diet and exercise. The fat cells are still there, just smaller.

Fat reduction, however, is when you lose fat cells, meaning you have fewer cells after a fat reduction. One of the most effective and less invasive ways to have a fat reduction is through CoolSculpting. We asked a Vancouver Coolsculpting technician what we need to know about the process of CoolSculpting.

What Happens During Weight Loss?

When it comes to weight loss, the most-recommended and healthiest way to achieve a slimmer waistline is by healthy diet and exercise. As you burn calories, your fat cells will get smaller over time. Likewise, when you gain weight, your fat cells get bigger. This does not alter the placement or amount of fat cells that you have in your body, but only the size of the cells themselves.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical, non-invasive fat-freezing procedure. It uses a controlled cooling technique that will eliminate stubborn far from your body. Stubborn fat refers to fat that that has not been affected through healthy diet and exercise.

What Happens to the Fat?

When the fat has been frozen under your skin, the frozen cells then begin to die. Gradually, your body will begin to process and shed the fat cells, getting rid of them altogether. The results are a trimmer you and the loss of fat cells. This is why the results last so long. There will be no change in other areas of your body that have not gone through a CoolSculpting procedure.

Who Can Have CoolSculpting?

It is important to remember that while CoolSculpting is incredibly effective and safe, it is not a great choice for everyone. It is not a treatment for obesity. This procedure really works for people who are already in great shape and know how to eat well and exercise. If you do not have a healthy lifestyle and continue to eat poorly, the remaining fat cells, while fewer in number can easily just increase in size, putting you in a similar position as you were before the procedure was done. CoolSculpting really is ideal for those who are just having trouble losing fat in certain areas of their bodies. Those who yo-yo in their weight should have a stable weight for a long time before coming forward to having a CoolSculpting procedure performed.

What Can I do to qualify for CoolSculpting?

You need to start on a path to healthy living long before you plan on having CoolSculpting done. You should work toward having a healthy diet and exercise routine that you will be able to maintain after having the procedure done. Fat reduction is meant to last a lifetime, not be a short-term solution. You need to be sure that your commitment level is high enough to see the process through.

How to get Started

The first step is to schedule an appointment with a CoolSculpting specialist. Together, you and the specialist will build an individualized treatment plan that is tailor made for your specific goals. The amount of visits that you need and the length of time that it will take depend completely on your needs as a patient and the amount of areas that you are having treated. Your doctor will be able to go over your options with you and help you start the process toward a new, trimmer you.