Quality of life decreases among patients who suffer from disability, injury or disease. Their ability to move and do everyday things that many of us take for granted are affected the most. Patients with such conditions can often be treated with physical therapy. Physical therapy is a special type of treatment designed for people with mobility issues. The first practitioners of physical therapy were Galen and Hippocrates who started treating people in 460 BC using hydrotherapy, massage, and manual therapy techniques. 

The foremost types of physiotherapy are orthopedics, orthopedics, and cardiorespiratory therapy. Athletic individuals often faces injuries and strains which specialized physiotherapists can treat. If you are suffering joint pain or difficulty in movement it is recommended that you get a checkup from your doctor immediately because only a professional doctor may refer patients for physiotherapy. Different sets of exercises with manual therapy techniques can reduce the pain and in some cases cure the disease. If treated properly, physical therapy can also stop the pain from coming back in the future. With the help of this therapy, you can potentially avoid painful surgeries.

We all are familiar with the phrase “health is wealth” but in our busy and hectic lifestyles, we often over-look our health. The reason behind this is often simple carelessness. We eat but do not care whether what we are eating is good for our health or not? As we age, our bones get weaker. As a result of this, we suffer aches and pains more often. It becomes a part of life for many and a plethora of people simply endure joint and muscle stiffness.

According to research, 91 million Americans are at the risk of arthritis between the ages of 18-64. Unfortunately, 300,000 children also suffer from arthritis. We put ourselves into this situation by often ignoring the symptoms like pain, joint stiffness, and swelling reckoning them as normal at the first and later regret it. For those who have arthritis, you should discuss with your doctor a treatment plan because they will then be able to safely refer you to a physiotherapist for recovery. Physiotherapy can improve the symptoms of the disease in many cases. If you are facing difficulty in walking, moving, or standing regardless of your age, physical therapists can help you.

Different exercises like strengthening and stretching can be used in the treatment for relief of pain. Only a therapist who is trained and knows the types of injuries and what treatment is best in which condition can help. Even minor pain can make it difficult to live an active and healthy life. Consulting a physiotherapist early on can save you from long term suffering. Life is precious so we should live it wisely.