You may have seen a lot of TV shows where people play fun games with giant hamsters or balls, but you may have yet to learn where they came from. Gilles Ebersolt, a French architect, developed the concept of a human-sized hamster ball in 1985. The zorb ball is the product of years of development and refinement.

 Zorb ball is a popular sport in many places around the world. People like to play it because it’s fun to get into the spirit and stay in shape. There are no safety standards for them that everyone agrees on. Most companies that rent out zorb balls or put on bumper ball events require that kids be at least eight years old.

After the excitement, fun, and laughing, a cheap zorb ball is the next best thing. This is a big, clear ball, big enough for a person to fit inside. You can roll it on grass, snow, water, hills, and smoother plains. It is made of transparent PVC, plastic, and other materials to keep the ball flexible and robust enough to keep the rider safe.

Is zorbing fun?

Zorbing is the best choice if you want to do something exciting and adventurous. As zorbing grows in popularity among young people, more and more related activities have been made. For people who like this sport, these activities give them a chance to experience joy and excitement like never before. The vast array of zorbing options guarantees everyone a good time. So, not only do adults have a lot to do, but many children can also have as much fun as possible with these zorb activities.

Is it safe to play with zorb balls?

When using bumper balls, there is a chance of getting hurt, especially if the kids are rowdy and hit each other with more force. If your kids are going to play with bumper zorb balls, make sure them:

  • Use the ball’s handles and harness.
  • Play only on soft surfaces like grass or sand, and don’t let them play near hard surfaces like walls, curbs, roads, or other places where they could hurt their heads if they fell
  • Are always under the watchful eye of an adult who can step in if the bumping escalates in intensity
  • Use the zorb ball just as the manufacturer tells you.

Which zorb balls are best?

A zorb ball is available in various sizes to accommodate players of varying statures and years. Most of the time, the ball is 1.5m to 2.5m across. Furthermore, they of varying sizes can be utilized for various events, with the larger ones being used in aquatic sports because of their ability to float above the water and the smaller ones being used for people’s combat. In short, a zorb ball can be used for many different things. When shopping for zorb bumper balls, there are a few things to remember.

Size and weight

There are two main sizes of them : child and adult. If you are looking for zorb balls for kids ages 8 to 10, a child-sized one will be safer and more fun.

The weight capacity of a zorb ball depends on how big it is, how much air it can hold, and how strong the materials and construction are. Check the weight range of them you are thinking about buying.

Even if a person is heavier than what the zorb ball says it can hold, they may still be able to use it. However, it may not hold up if a more severe person falls over.


The same material is used to make mostly cheap zorb balls. 03-inch thick PVC, so they all have the same ability to avoid getting holes. The PVC can handle water and temperatures that are typical for summer.

Zorb balls may differ in how the company that makes them checks their quality. The best way to choose a zorb ball that will last is to read reviews or pick one from our list.


Check the ball’s label to see how to blow it up and take it down. Zorb balls with more than one chamber fill up more evenly, but it takes longer to blow them up and deflate them. That will ensure they are at a good height for everyone who wants to use them.

The layout and colors

Whenever you talk about a cheap zorb ball, the idea of having different colors like yellow, blue, red, and more always come up. You can get a Zorb ball stylishly designed for wet zorbing, snow zorbing, zorbing on the ground, and many other uses. As you roll, jump, or run, you’ll have the best zorbing experience because the materials used are safe for the environment, they smell good, and they’re made to last.