Severe tooth pain, blow, and a cut lip are all dental problems that usually require an immediate dental appointment. There are a few mild symptoms; however, that may indicate a rather serious, underlying problem, and such cases can be classified as a dental emergency and thus also deserve the same urgent attention. You will need to visit an emergency dentist like Southcentre dental in Calgary to resolve the issue.

What is a Dental Emergency? 

A dental emergency is when a person suffers an oral health condition that needs urgent attention from a dentist. In a few situations, the emergency’s nature is obvious, e.g. a knocked out or severely cracked tooth. In other cases, there may be bleeding or pain but the cause awaits discovery. Like in any medical emergency, dental emergencies require professional help and treatment quickly so it is important to know when to call a dentist, albeit the tolerable pain. If the broken or loosened tooth and its bleeding are ignored, complications that are costlier and difficult to treat may arise. 

Signs That You Need to Pay Your Culver City Dentist a Visit

Being a Culver City resident with a number of reliable dental clinics in the area, prolonging your dental problem is menacing if you possess any signs of dental emergency. Hence, if you happen to be dealing with any of the following signs, it is best to call or visit your trusted Culver City dentist right away:

Sign #1: Bad Breath

Have you been flossing or brushing your teeth regularly with the hopes of eradicating your bad breath but to no avail? Unfortunately, bad breath does not easily go away like that if it is Gingivitis-related. Known as a gum disease, Gingivitis needs proper treatment to contain the damage that can further escalate to the jawbone. 

Other potential causes of bad breath include an untreated infection or cavities but it can also be an indication of a serious underlying condition such as heart ailment, diabetes, respiratory tract infection, or liver problems. This is exactly why bad breath should not be left ignored. 

Sign #2: Bleeding Gums

Saw a hint of red in the rinsing water as you spit while brushing your teeth? Bleeding gums are also another sign of Gingivitis and if left untreated or unaddressed, it can lead to random tooth loss or periodontitis – a more serious gum disease. When it comes to treating Gingivitis, apart from prescribing a gum cream, your Culver dentist will also advise you to do regular flossing and brushing to prevent the disease from recurring.  

Sign #3: Chronic Dry Mouth

Our saliva naturally defends our teeth from decaying and nurtures our teeth and gums. With that said, if your mouth is dry chronically, this lack of defense can lead to painful tooth decay. Chronic dry mouth is usually a side effect of medication or pain killers. As soon as you notice it, inform your dentist right away for possible moisture restoration methods. 

Sign #4: Popping/Clicking Jaw or Earache

Popping or clicking jaw paired with ear pain is a common symptom of TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. The joint is responsible for allowing your jaw to move; an impaired may have TMJ as the underlying cause. Your Culver City dentist will have you go through an examination to officially determine whether you have TMJ disorder or not. If the former is the answer, you will be advised to undergo a therapy that lies on the severity of your condition. Sometimes, when over the counter pain relievers no longer work, splints, injections, or surgery may be necessary. 

Sign #5: Oversensitive Tooth

Drinking or eating does not normally cause tooth pain. Hence, if your teeth suddenly ache when on it, it could be a sign of a gum disease, tooth decay, or excessive teeth grinding or plaque. 

Sign #6: Recurring Mouth Sores

Mouth sores occur from time to time but if they last longer than usual or they come back more often, it could be an indication of an underlying condition such as viral infections, bacterial irritation, etc. Seek your dentist’s advice if you are suffering from recurring mouth sores for appropriate treatment. 

Sign #7: Tooth Pain

Tooth pain falls under the obvious category of dental emergency but more often than not, people suffering from toothaches do not act unless they get severe and throb continuously. It would be wise of you to decide to call your Culver dentist immediately if your tooth aches to prevent the damage from escalating. Most tooth pain causes include trapped food particles, root infection, tooth abscesses, and gingivitis. 

Non-Emergency Yet Essential Dental Concerns

More than treating your tooth and mouth problems, your Culver city dentist can help you maintain good oral hygiene so you won’t need to spend more for checkups and treatments any longer. These include:

  • Teeth Whitening

We are all born with white teeth but over time, their brightness can reduce especially if we reach the adult stage where we often get attached to dimming substances found in wine, tea, coffee, and tobacco. The good news is; your lifestyle does not have change 180 degrees as your favorite Culver dental clinic offers teeth whitening treatments to dispel teeth discolorations. 

  • Regular Dental Appointments

Proper dental maintenance requires 1-2 dental appointments every six months to remove the plaque and cavity build-up on your teeth. With such a timeframe, potential mouth problems will not be able to thrive or persist. 

Finding the Best Dentist in Culver City, California

As dental emergencies are in dire of reliable and available treatments and solutions, it is important to have a Culver City dentist you know you can trust and call for help even during the oddest hours. Here are what you should do to address your oral concerns:

  1. Queue into your doctor’s schedule. If it is not an emergency, allot some time to visit your dentist’s clinic. 
  2. Dial the emergency number. If, meanwhile, you are in a semi-emergency situation, dial your dentist’s emergency hotline right away and follow the general instructions the operator will tell you. 
  3. Rush to the nearest ER when serious dental problems arise. Also, follow-up care is vital. 

The right Culver City dentist will make sure that your needs will be attended to right away but in cases where instant attention is not possible, over-the-counter pain relievers will most likely be prescribed either through SMS or online so that you won’t be left helpless. Choose wisely!