Have you ever taken a trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure, and realize as soon as you start to unpack that you’ve forgotten your vitamins or supplements? 

Maintaining good health isn’t always easy. Staying active and preparing nutritious meals can sometimes feel time-consuming, especially if you’re travelling and on the move.

Luckily, if you’re travelling around cities within the county you’ll never be too far from a trusted health food store that sells certified and wholesome items. No matter where you in Canada, you can find a local shopping mall in your province that carries health and nutrition retailers by checking out your national online shopping directory. 

Before you take a trip, plan ahead. Know where your favourite health food stores are located and where you can find the vitamins and supplements that you need.

Take a look at these health food stores that can be found at shopping centres across the country. You’ll never have to worry about forgotten vitamins again.

Nutrition House

Nutrition House is Canada’s leading Natural Health Product franchise. It’s been a family-run business since 1979 and can now be found in almost every province in the country. 

Every Nutrition House operator has been hand-selected and receives on-going education and training to ensure top-notch quality and service. 

Visit their website to find nation-wide store locations and a well-maintained library where you can find a broad range of information on health and wellness topics, including a list of “functional foods” that you can include in your diet while away from home.

Morning Sun Health Foods

Morning Sun Health Foods is a west coast family-run business that is actually comprised of three different health food retail chains: Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun Health Foods, and Supplements Plus. 

Providing natural supplements and topical ointments of all sorts for people of all ages, there are more than 29 stores all across western Canada. You can find them across British Columbia and Alberta, and there is even a location in downtown Toronto, Ontario. 

They offer regular promotions and Customer Appreciation Days, and you can also sign up for their online newsletter to get exclusive access to discounts and insider health and wellness news.

Check out their Instagram page to learn more about products and store locations. 

Popeye’s Supplements

Found all over the country, Popeye’s Supplements is Canada’s #1 sports supplement store! You probably recognize the logo: the beloved fictional spinach-loving sailor, Popeye, flexing his muscles. It’s very recognizable and can be found in shopping centres everywhere.

If you’re the kind of person that can’t go a day or two without a workout, Popeye’s Supplements is the place for you. The store carries a wide variety of supplements that specialize in sports and fitness protein supplements. 

They also carry natural sleep aids, and that’s always handy when travelling — particularly if you’re in-between time zones.

If you’ve forgotten your supplements, vitamins, or wholesome ingredients while travelling the country, do not fear! You can locate your nearest health food store at any shopping centre near you.

You can find health and wellness wherever you go; it’s just a matter of planning ahead and being organized with your trusted online shopping directory.