If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that getting out to the grocery store can be riskier than many of us ever realized. Thankfully, meal kit companies offer a way to offset at least some of your weekly shopping. Each one has it’s unique offerings, but all provide you with a way to set your flavor preferences, choose recipes you might like, and then have the food delivered right to your door.

Finding the right meal kit company can be pretty challenging, though. That’s particularly true for our two challengers today. Both HelloFresh and Good Food offer delicious meals, plenty of customization options, and front-door delivery. How do you tell which is better? We’ll break it down for you in our HelloFresh-Good Food comparison.

The Overview

We’ll begin our comparison of these two meal kit companies with an overview. Both were established in 2016, and both offer delicious meals. However, that’s where the similarities end. 

HelloFresh edges out Good Food in the number of available meals per week (22 vs. 12), but the average HelloFresh meal takes 30 minutes to prepare, where Good Food comes in at 20 minutes. HelloFresh is also just over $1 more per serving but offers promo discounts where Good Food does not. 

Note that while both companies bill themselves as serving all of Canada, that’s not really true. HelloFresh comes closest, serving 10 provinces, including some rural areas. Good Food, on the other hand, serves nine provinces, and primarily focuses on big cities and urban areas.

The Meals Themselves

While we won’t get into the specific recipes on offer, we do need to compare the different meal choices provided by each company. You’ll find that Good Food is the only one to provide a mutton/lamb option, but HelloFresh offers more pork, chicken, and veggie options (note that Good Food only offers a single vegetarian meal choice while HelloFresh has 12). 

Good Food slightly edges out HelloFresh in seafood choices and has one more beef-based meal choice. The company also has three mushroom-based meal choices, while HelloFresh has none. If you’re a low-carb dieter, Good Food has a specific meal plan for you, while HelloFresh does not. With that being said, HelloFresh provides a list of all allergens in their foods, while Good Food doesn’t. 

For fitness-minded people, HelloFresh offers more choices, including veggies and proteins. However, Good Food does have more seafood options. Both companies offer a single turkey meal choice and two cheese options. HelloFresh does average higher in calories per serving (420 vs. 350), but as we all know, the quality of your calories matters as much (or more) as the number you consume.

Other Considerations to Make

While we’ve touched on most of the things you should know about HelloFresh and Good Food in our review, there are a few other considerations that should be made. We’ll explore those below.

  • Locally Sourced: Both companies do their best to source their foods locally. This is an important consideration, as it impacts several things. First, it supports your local economy by paying farmers and ranchers where you live. Second, it ensures maximum nutrition and freshness in the foods you receive.
  • Boxes: When it comes to a subscription food service, the box your meals are delivered in is pretty important. Both HelloFresh and Good Food use high-quality, recyclable, insulated cardboard boxes that protect your food while being less harmful to the planet.
  • Skipping Meals: Life can be unpredictable. Both HelloFresh and Good Food understand that and provide you with simple ways to skip meals in your plan without a lot of hassle. That makes it easier to deal with unexpected occurrences in life, take a vacation, or just save a little money without canceling your subscription.
  • Smartphone App: We’ve become an app-focused nation. There are good reasons for that – apps make things easier, allow us to take care of tasks from our phones, and more. However, only HelloFresh offers a smartphone app currently. So, if on-the-go convenience matters to you, that should weigh in their favor.

The Verdict

Is there a clear winner in our HelloFresh-Good Food review? HelloFresh manages to edge out Good Food in a few key areas. However, both meal kit companies offer delicious, fresh, locally-sourced products, easy to follow recipes, and are worth your consideration.