Antioxidants are food components that play a fundamental role in health. Antioxidants are found naturally in certain foods such as dark green vegetables, fruits, some legumes just to mention a few. They help in oxidation process where they neutralize free radicals in the body. Free radicals damage the living body cells and if not controlled early enough there is increased chance of suffering from cancer and other diseases depending on the cells that have been damaged. Antioxidants offer electrons to free radicals. These electrons help in stabilizing and degrade them, hence, make free radicals harmless. Antioxidants detoxifies the body.

Benefits of antioxidants

  • Healthy skin – Antioxidants help in protecting the skin from sunburns, premature aging and other effects that result from the too hot sun.
  • Boosts immune system – They help in protecting cellular DNA and cell membranes and enhancing non-specific and specific immune system from mutation. In the combination of other substances such as singlet oxygen, immune system is boosted.

It is therefore important for you to increase antioxidants intakes in your daily diet. Increasing antioxidants in your meals will provide more protection to the body. They will help fight against:

  • Memory problems
  • Heart issues
  • Immune complications
  • Eye problems among other

Rich sources of antioxidants are:

Carrots and kales
They neutralize free radicals present in the body that may cause damage to the living cells. These food items contain anti-aging and anti-cancer agents. They also help in boosting the immune system and lower risks of diseases.

Kidney beans
Kidney beans are good source of antioxidants. They are good for muscle boosting since they are rich in protein, low in fats and no cholesterol. Not only kidney beans contain antioxidants, but all types of beans.

Broccoli is one of the cruciferous veggies and it’s the only one rich in high amount of antioxidants. It is a cancer-fighting food. To ensure you do not destroy antioxidants compounds in broccoli steam it.

Dark chocolate
How can dark chocolate contain antioxidant? The one made with ample amount of cocoa is rich in minerals and antioxidants. Also dark chocolate helps in reducing risks of heart illnesses, blood pressure, and inflammation and raises high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. However, do not consume too much of it as it adds calories to your diet, take it in moderation.

Blueberries are low in calories and rich in antioxidants and nutrients. They are among the fruits that have a high amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants in blueberries lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, boost brain functions, risk factors of heart complications and inflammation.

Red cabbage
It is rich in vitamin A, C, K and good antioxidants amount. The red color in red cabbage is due to antioxidants. To ensure you get all the antioxidants in red cabbage boil or stir-fry it. Due to vitamin C in presence in red cabbage, skin made firm and strong immune is maintained.

Beetroot is rich in potassium, iron, antioxidants and folate. It lowers the risk of digestive tract and colon cancers. Also, according to research, beetroot helps in relieving inflammation and osteoarthritis pain.

Pecans have ample amount of antioxidants and have healthy fats and minerals. They help in lowering LDL levels, hence, reducing the risk for heart diseases.

You can get antioxidants from other sources and also as a supplement from certified and authorized suppliers. For example, ensure all the supplements you get are naturally and contain all the nutrients you need. To get the amount of antioxidants your body needs to eat food that is rich in vitamins.