There are lots of popular beauty procedures in Sandy Springs. However, the fat transfer seems to be on a constant rise. According to studies by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, there is a good reason for this. Here are a few reasons why Sandy Springs fat transfer procedures are becoming so popular. 

Minimal Recovery Process

All surgical procedures can be intimidating. They take a toll on you as you’ll need to slow down from your regular life during the recovery process. However, fat transfer procedures are different. Generally, they have a minimal recovery process. A Brazilian butt lift, for example, has a shorter recovery period than getting butt implants. The downtime is minimal, and you can go back to your regular life in no time. 

Using Your Own Fat

One of the best things about fat transfer procedures is that you get to use your fat. If, for example, you are looking to get a bigger, better-shaped bottom, there are many ways to go about it. People have gone as far as injecting cement up their butts. However, you don’t need to go to such extreme measures. With fat injections, you get to use your own fat in approved procedures. There is no risk of toxicity, and it is your best option if you have reservations about getting foreign substances into your body. 

Natural-Looking Results

The results of fat transfer procedures are natural-looking. Since you will be using fat right from your body, you get double the results. You get rid of unwanted fat and gain it in the right places. If, for example, you want bigger breasts and a smaller waist, you can achieve all of them in one procedure. Since the fat is completely natural, you don’t need to worry about results that look or feel unnatural. 

Minimal Risk of Complications

Fat transfer procedures pose a minimal risk of scarring and complications. After your procedure, there will be almost no scars. The fat is transferred into your face, butt, or breasts through tiny incisions. The minor scars enhance a natural look. 

The risk of complications is much lower than with procedures that introduce foreign objects into your body. Fat transfer procedures reduce the risk of collapsing, rupturing, and shifting.  

Most People Are Eligible

Most people qualify for fat transfer procedures. Fat transfer procedures generally aim to increase the size of one body part and address the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, anyone with these needs may qualify for such a procedure. Since no foreign objects are introduced into the body, the risk of rejection is minimal. Eligible candidates have to be in good health. They must avoid the use of tobacco and set realistic expectations. Also, they must have sufficient fat to transfer. 

The benefits of fat transfer procedures are endless, and it is no surprise that everyone seems to be turning to them. If you are interested in the procedures, contact your plastic surgeon and determine if your eligibility.