Breast augmentation has become the most common plastic surgery procedure. The operation involves a board-certified surgeon placing breast implants underneath or in-between chest muscle and breast tissue. People choose to get this procedure for various reasons. Let’s take a look at some of top reasons why breast augmentation has become so popular.

Better selection of qualified surgeons

When breast augmentation first was introduced to the medical field a century ago, there were only a handful of surgeons who could successfully complete the procedure. One reason for this is because breast augmentation was a new specialty field that didn’t have much research at the time. Progression in plastic surgery training curriculums has also made it possible for more surgeons to gain knowledge and certifications needed to perform this procedure.

Increased selection of implant choices

During the early days of breast implant surgery, filling materials such as animal fat, cartilage, and ground rubber were used. These days, individuals have safer and longer-lasting implant options like saline and silicone. When consulting for your augmentation, you’ll be provided with procedure information that can help guide your choice of implant material. Newer implant materials are also more durable. The advancements made in plastic surgery has significantly decreased the chances of ruptures and leaks. As a result, patients feel more at ease going into surgery.

Natural alternatives

The thought of artificial appearance has influenced many individuals to not get breast augmentation in the past. New alternatives like fat transfer has made breast surgery more appealing. This method involves taking fat from other body regions and injecting that fat into the breast. This method is popular amongst those looking for a small to moderate cup size increase.

Smooth recovery process

Although implant positioning and incision size are the two most-influential factors in recovery, overall healing time is significantly lower than it was decades ago. This is due to progressive efforts made by plastic surgeons and advancements in the medical industry. Average recovery time for individuals going back to work after breast implant surgery is less than 10 days.

High satisfaction rate

A recent study revealed more than 97% of individuals who get breast augmentation feel that their expectations were exceeded. Seeking a board certified plastic surgeon will ensure your satisfaction.

Confidence booster

The choice to get a breast augmentation procedure is influenced by how a person feels about their body. Regardless the reasons why, a successful procedure will increase overall well-being and self-confidence. When someone is pleased with their appearance, they feel better about themselves as a result. A recent study showed that self-image scores of breast augmentation patients increased more than 20% after surgery.

As the most common plastic surgery procedure, breast augmentation in Newport Beach, CA has grown in popularity due to the services of top breast augmentation surgeons like TY Steven Ip, MD.