Commuting is one of the stressful things we undergo in our everyday life. The hassle of waiting for the bus stop, queueing for a taxi and being in a cramped up train is immeasurable. It also wastes so much of our time that we could spend with ourselves, loved ones and doing our hobbies. You might be thinking of other alternatives that can help you free up your time for much more important things. An electric skateboard might be just the option you’re looking for to suit your busy lifestyle.

Electric Skateboard is now getting popular not only for teenagers in rural areas but also in millennials and generation x in the cities. It is now becoming a new trend to go from one place to another. If you are contemplating on getting one, don’t be guilty in jumping on the bandwagon. Aside from looking cool, there are also benefits for your health. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can take into consideration before getting one. 

You Can Have Your Daily Dose of Fresh Air

A study from University of California found out that your biggest daily exposure to air pollution comes while you are driving your car to work. Your cabin can accumulate plenty of particulate matter and gases that are unhealthy to inhale. Long drives can cause damage to your respiratory system. You can use an electric skateboard to effectively commute while not being trapped inside your card and inhaling damaging air. You can now move around the road while having your daily dose of fresh air. Fresh air is very beneficial for our health, it can help us digest food better, helps improve blood pressure, neutralize heart rate and boost our immune system.

It Is Good For Your Mental Health

Commuting takes a huge toll on our mental health. Most of us travel to school or work back and forth, what we don’t know is it can cause heavy stress. Facing traffic jams, bad weather, crowded rides and a lot of angry or rude commuters can be encountered. This can lead to mental illness like anxiety, fatigue, and concentration issues. Skateboarding on the other hand will make your anxiety disappear. No more city traffic, honking cars and any other bad things that can interrupt your ride time.

It Is A Form of Exercise

Commuting on an electric skateboard is also a form of exercise. Although you might think that it is just standing up, your core muscles are controlling your movement. You have to train your body and mind to focus and balance as you ride your way through. Your leg muscle will benefit a lot from doing this. Aside from honing your senses, you will feel more focus and your adrenaline high after riding. 

There are plenty of benefits in commuting on an electric skateboard. From your mental health to your physical health, you can achieve the benefits of it. In addition you will be also helping the Earth. With the right type of electric skateboard you can now start your healthier way of commuting.