Despite the type of boxing you do, wearing hand wraps and tape matters.

They provide protection and support to your knuckles and wrist. Usually, they’re strips of cloth wrapped around your hands and secured with tape. They go beneath your gloves.

Wrapped and secured properly, they make sure that you’re safe as possible to hit without injuring your hands and knuckles. Most people wonder if they actually work. The answer is yes.

The additional support keeps your tendons and bones protected when they take pressure from contact and straight punches by distributing the hit better. They also protect your skin from tearing.

Do You Wear Wrist Wraps Under Boxing Gloves?

Wrist wraps go under boxing gloves. It’s recommended that you wear them whenever you’re putting on MMA or boxing gloves for both training and boxing.

They provide maximum support and protection when you’re training and boxing. Although they’re a few ounces, you can still accommodate wrist wraps underneath your boxing gloves.

In fact, they should always be used under your boxing gloves in order to keep your hands and wrists safe from possible injuries.

How do I Choose Hand Wraps?

You’re supposed to wear hand wraps during every training and boxing match. Also, wear hand wraps in your gym training, sparring with a partner or training solo. 

Aside from supporting and protecting your wrists and knuckles, they also boost confidence. Wrist wraps will make sure that you’re hitting with full force.

However, choosing the right-hand wraps is difficult, especially for beginners. This is where I kick in. Most boxers use cloth wraps which make a good alternative.

They’re reusable, lightweight and come in different sizes. However, keep in mind that you cannot utilize Velcro fastenings if reusing.

However, let’s review the common types and choose the right one for you.

  • Tape and gauze

This is a popular choice among professionals. It’s very common to wrap your hands with gauze and then fasten with different types of tapes such as gaffa tape.

Mastering this technique has a learning curve. However, it’s worth the effort. In the beginning, I suggest that you find someone with experience to show you how it’s done.

The main advantage of this type is that it’s most protective. It’s also lightweight and comes in different sizes. However, they cannot be reused.

  • Reusable cloth

Reusable clothes measure between 180 and 210 inches in length. The more support and protection you want, the longer the cloth should be. 

This way, you will have additional material to wrap your hands. Wrap clothes come in various colors and lengths from different brands at different prices.

For shadow boxing and solo training, choose shorter lengths. Also, if you have smaller hands, buy short clothes. Boxers with larger hands should opt for longer clothes.

The main advantage of these hand wraps is that they’re reusable. They’re also very affordable and come in different sizes. However, you can’t use velcro fastenings if reusing.

  • Elastic bandage

An elastic bandage gives more flexibility than reusable cloth. This means that elastic hand wraps provide good mobility and adjust to your hands as you make moves.

However, don’t worry because they don’t loosen as you workout or bout. It depends on your preference which type of hand wrap you will select. Each type is durable.

They’re breathable and stretch to adjust to your hand shape. However, some users may find it too thick. It all depends on your personal taste and preferences which type you choose.

Width and length matter when choosing the right-hand wraps in boxing. It’s important to determine the right amount of hand wraps you need. 

I already mentioned that people with bigger hands should buy longer wraps while those with small ones, should opt for shorter wraps. 

Width is also important. Two inches is standard for a hand wrap width. However, you will come across brands that provide thicker or thinner widths.

Fastening materials is another important feature you should consider when shopping for hand wraps. It is important that your hand wraps have durable and easy to use fastening materials.

Most Mexican style and cloth wraps are purchased with the velcro fastening joined. They’re durable and easy to use. Velcro fastenings make a practical choice.

You can find many hand wraps with built-in Velcro fastenings, however, if you purchase your own cloth without fastenings, it can tear and damage the material.

The tape is also a popular fastening. Tapes have strong adhesives and serrated edges. They can be torn by and are long up to 32 feet.

Another great option is loop and hook fastenings. They extend the life of your hand wraps which will save you coins in the long run. They’re affordable and efficient.


Boxing gloves are important. However, hand wraps are just as important for boxing training.

Your wrists and hands are very fragile and since they’re your weapons in this harsh sport, it’s important to own a pair of top-notch hand wraps that will provide support and protection.

Any martial artist or boxer who trains on a heavy bag or practices with a sparring partner is supposed to wrap their hands the right way. This prevents injuries and fractures.

It also protects small bones and boosts confidence. Wearing boxing gloves when competing or training is not enough. You must wear hand wraps underneath the gloves.

They don’t protect your wrists and hands from contact as boxing gloves. However, they keep your first in perfect shape and provide wrist support while throwing a punch.

Hand wraps will also keep your fist tight so you may punch with more power and strength.

If you want to avoid pain and injuries, make sure to wrap your hands before every training, sparring with a partner or boxing session.

I haven’t mentioned this before, but they also absorb your sweat. This means that you will save yourself time on doing laundry every day.

Hopefully, my article has answered your questions about hand wraps and why they make an important accessory in every boxer’s arsenal.