Teeth grinding is a serious problem that is harmful to your oral health and can be extremely painful. It can cause teeth fracturing that leads to teeth loss. In a chronic case, teeth grinding can cause jaw ailments like temporomandibular joint disorder and will alter the appearance of the face. For this reason, you need a mouth guard for grinding teeth to suppress the effects of bruxism.

Why are Night Guards too Expensive?

If you are searching for a night dental guard and you are not sure which route to pursue, there is comfort in knowing the available options.

A night dental guard is a removable device worn by patients when asleep to prevent the damage of the jaw and teeth caused by teeth grinding. It eradicates the dangerous effects triggered by bruxism. But why are they so expensive? And which is better between the one designed by the dentist and those purchased from online.

As Smiles at Fair Corner points out, it is important to wear a night guard as it will assist with clenching and grinding of the teeth.

To assist you to make an informed decision, let’s look at the pros and cons of both mouth guard for grinding teeth options.

Dentists Designed Night Dental Guards

Let’s look at the pros of purchasing mouth guard from your dentist


Deciding to get your night guard from a local dentist means that they will have to make sure you get what you want. In the preliminary visit, the professional will look at the condition of your teeth and do the necessary paperwork. The results will be sent to a specialist dental lab for fabrication. During the second visit, the fabricated night guard will be fitted.

Fitting Adjustment

In case your night guard requires a few adjustments, it will be convenient to visit your local dentist and ask them to fit the adjustments.  

Ability to Design a More Customized Model

Customized dental guards are ideal for patients who have been treated for alignment issues or TMJ. If the professional dentist advises you to put on a night guard that has special metal clasps, or ramps due to TMJ or alignment problems, choosing an online night guard lab might not be the best idea. In this case, you will have to rely and trust the skills of your dentist.

Too Expensive

The shortcoming of this option is you will need to invest up to $1200. In some cases, the costs of getting the dental night guard will not be covered by your insurance. The night guard you get from your professional dentist is created from the molds from your teeth impression, and comes with a cozy fit. It has a slim design that makes it closely fitted and it’s steady when worn.

Has no Guarantee

Most dentists do not give any kind of money back guarantee. So, make sure you consult your dentist to find out if they will offer a refund if you are not satisfied. Many online night guard labs give refunds in case you don’t like the results.

Online Night Dental Night Guards

Let’s look at the advantages of a dental night guard.

A Similar and Exact Night Guard

You will only need to choose the dentist made dental guards if your dentist is making a more fabricated type to cure sleep apnea, alignment issues, and TMJ.

Currently, patients have an alternative to purchasing custom designed night guards online. The devices have similar qualities as the ones purchased from the dentist. This is because the same dental laboratories where your dentists obtain your night guards are the same people who make the devices you get online.


Getting night guards online means that you will be saving around $300 to $800 by avoiding the high charges offered by your dentist. In most cases, the online night guards cost between $100-200. This is a great advantage since you will get similar quality for a lower price.

Money Back Guarantee

Getting the right night guard can be an overwhelming task. Personal choices differ and what sounds right for one patient might not work for another. Additionally, a reliable night guard laboratory will help you get the best night guard match. They will also refund your money if you are not satisfied.

What are the Cons?

You are accountable for the results of your dental impression. As Sentinel Mouthguard suggests, you can make your teeth impression using a home kit but you must pay attention to the details.

You need to visit a dentist in case your night guard requires any adjustments. Even though you can get the adjustment fixed via an online night guard laboratory, the process will be time-consuming due to mailing correspondence.

Final Word

Whether you decide to get your mouth guard for grinding teeth from your dentist or buy it online, be assured to sleep well knowing that your teeth clinching won’t affect your oral health.