Thinking of the perfect indoor sport to enjoy?

Looking for a physical activity without the risk of injury common in high-contact sports?

Want a game that is fun and suitable for people of all ages?

If you answer YES in these questions, there is one sport that you need to try – table tennis or ping pong. To play ping pong, all you need is a table, a ball and a good paddle. In case you haven’t played ping pong yet, you are missing a lot! What exactly are the things that you are missing? Read on and we’ll share with you some of the good reasons to play table tennis!

Good For YourHealth

If you are concerned about how to keep your health in a perfect state, you have one good reason to make ping pong your next sport of choice. It is good for both the brain and the body.

Speed is one of the most important elements when playing ping pong. The more intense the game gets, the faster your movements will be. This means that your body will be sweating and your heart will be pumping. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body and also aids in weight loss.

Table tennis is an equally good sport for the brain. It encourages strategic thinking. You need to be sharp and to concentrate. It is important that you plan your every move and to be a step ahead of your competitor. It will be a test of your mental aptitude. It will help to make you mentally sharper.

Knows No Age Limit

Another good thing about table tennis is that there is no age limit. Meaning, everyone can play. Whether you are a kid or a senior, this is for everyone. This makes a great sport to play with the family as anyone can joy and have fun! There is no need to worry that someone has an advantage over the other. It is not simply a game of strength. It involves mental acuity as well.

Among others, seniors are the people who will benefit the most from this sport. This is a great way to exercise the joints and keep them in their peak. It involves muscle movements that will be great in terms of maintaining the physical health of elders.

Less Risk of Injury

While some sports are fun and exciting, there is a high likelihood of suffering from an injury, especially during an intense game. This is often the case in basketball, football, and rugby, among others. With table tennis, on the other hand, an injury is one thing that you need not worry about!

Even if it is a fast-spaced sport that requires a lot of movements, the risk of suffering from an injury is minimal. Of course, this is provided that you master the right techniques, such as the stance or position of the body when you are playing.

Meet New Friends

If you want to meet new people while having fun, table tennis will again be a great sport to play. It allows you to mingle with others. Regardless of how competitive you play, you will find it easy to build friendships.

As a social sport, it is easy to meet people through table tennis. There are mobile apps and websites with meetup schedules and locations. Also, because it is easy to learn and everyone can play, there are high chances that you will be meeting someone and become social with.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

Ping pong is a sport that is not location dependent. This means that you can play wherever you are and at any given time. You do not need to have a huge court or field to enjoy a game. When it is raining, you can still play indoors. Also, most tables are lightweight and portable, allowing you to easily set it up in a variety of locations.

Bottom Line

It goes without saying that ping pong is a great sport! As stated above, it is good for the health, can be played by people of all ages, has a small risk of injury, a good way to meet other people, and can be played even outdoors! These are just some of the reasons why you need to start playing table tennis now!



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