As new moms, we have so many decisions to make leading up to and after our new baby makes an entrance into this world. You may find yourself stressing over whether to formula feed or not. So, why should you formula feed your baby? And what’s the best formula?

Reasons to Formula Feed

There are a whole host of reasons why formula is the right choice for you and your new baby:

  • Health problems post-delivery, such as enduring a painful delivery or C section. Needing to recover and have help with the new baby makes formula feeding a great option.
  • Work life balance – maybe you love your job and want to continue your success in your career or maybe you’re needing to continue your higher education towards your career choice.
  • Lack of milk production – You might be one of the percentage of moms that cannot produce enough milk to sustain your baby and all you’re doing is stressing yourself out over it. This can cause you more harm than good, so choosing to formula feed is a great alternative.
  • Baby has poor sucking reflex – Some babies struggle with nursing and need bottles. This can happen if a baby has a tongue-tie, as it restricts movement of the tongue to help with their sucking reflex. In this case, many babies need a bottle or surgery to help correct the restriction. Either way, moms are left having to pump, which can slow production of milk and require formula supplementing.
  • Painful nursing – The initial pain of starting to nurse is extremely brutal. This can be an extra challenge and stress factor for many moms, and with so many great formula options available, they would rather go straight to formula.
  • Knowing exactly how much your baby is consuming – with formula feeding you know exactly how much your baby eats and how many calories they consume. Dietary concerns can be especially critical for premature babies. Some moms need to supplement with formula to ensure their baby is meeting the necessary threshold for growth making it important to ask what’s the best formula?
  • Allows another family member to bond with the baby – oftentimes the new dad feels left out with the bonding experience and formula feeding can help the bonding between new baby and daddy. This is especially important if pumping is not feasible for mom.
  • You get a much-needed mommy break – moms need breaks often with a new baby, as they can feel overwhelmed with new emotions and a lot of new responsibility.
  • Your baby will likely stay fuller longer because formula takes longer for baby to digest as well.
  • You need to take medication for your mental or physical well-being and it isn’t safe to take while nursing your baby.

Best Formula for your Baby

After much thought and careful consideration, you make the final decision of what’s the best formula? After all, fed is best. Like most parents, you now ask which formula is best for your baby. After much research, many parents decide European baby formula is best for your baby by far, and here is why:

  • Organic superiority over American formulas due to their practices of Biodynamic organic farming, which is a step above ordinary organic farming.
  • No pesticides or chemical fertilizers used in their baby formulas.
  • No genetic modification used, very strict on certain methods of processing, there are more ingredients prohibited than the United States (to ensure it isn’t a fake product, you must ensure the “demeter” label is on the product somewhere).
  • European formulas are prohibited from using corn syrup, glucose, fructose, rice syrup, sucrose or carrageenan, which are way more rigid restrictions than the FDA in the United States.
  • They have a wide range of amazing clean sensitive formula options, such as: hypoallergenic, partially broken-down proteins (making it easier to digest) and goat milk.
  • They have stages for the growing baby and into toddlerhood. Unlike American formula brands that have one stage for the entire first year, European formulas break that first year into two parts. This is because when you introduce foods into your baby’s diet, their formula should change as well in the composition – not just the number of bottles you give your baby per day.


You now have a list of reasons for formula feeding and a great place to start looking for what’s the best formula? As formula feeding has become more normalized, the mom guilt attached to it has slowly faded.

You now know that choosing European formula and sharing your knowledge with other moms will help you feel even better in your decision. Remember, research the different brands and options and make sure you find a credible site (like the one we linked to earlier on in this article) to purchase your formula.