For most people, the words fun and run don’t belong in the same sentence. However, participating in fun runs is a great start to getting into running and a fun way to stay in shape.

Here are some reasons why fun runs are the perfect activity for people of all ages and levels:

It’s a Great Stepping Stone into Fitness

Fun runs can be a great stepping stone into more intense races and workout routines. Most runs will be around 5km, which can be run at any pace by people of all ages and abilities.

Whether you haven’t run in years, have never gone running before, or you just fancy running outside amongst a crowd instead of in the gym, fun runs are the perfect opportunity to get out there and achieve your fitness goals without feeling under pressure.

Weight Loss

Running is the prime exercise for losing weight and toning up. Running can build strength and burn calories, as well as vastly improve your heart, joints, and knees’ health. So, it’s great for people of all ages, even if you’re simply jogging.

The more runs you take part in, the more you’ll experience the results.

They are Great for Family Time

When it comes to weight loss or fitness goals, fun runs are a great activity for all the family to take part in and support each other. Not only is it a great way to bring your family together, but it’s also a way to meet different families with similar goals and interests.

Fun runs are also a method of getting younger children interested in running and engaging in physical activity, instead of watching TV and playing video games. Hence, it’s a great way to keep your kids happy and healthy, especially if you’re concerned about their exercise routines or lack of exercise. If your child sees that you are willing to take part in a fun run, they may be more encouraged to join in.


Fun runs can act as a great method of cross-training for another sport since the cardiovascular benefits of road running are undisputed. If you are an athlete in any sport, you know how valuable it is to get out and run in the open air instead of in the gym. They are also a great way to begin training for bigger races or push yourself to better your personal best timings in a fun, easy-going setting.

As mentioned, since road running also promotes joint health, it’s great for people who take part in sports like football and rugby where you have to frequently land heavily and turn sharply.

Do it for the Gram

We live in a fickle world but there’s no denying that completing a run can bring with it some bragging rights. Taking the opportunity to get a photo under a custom inflatable adds a fun touch.

Events are becoming more and more creative with their finishing arches, drawing so much attention to their events. More than the social media aspect is the accountability aspect. Once you tell someone that you are going to take part in a fun run, you can’t really back out. They will ask you about how it went, and they’ll expect to see a picture of you under that finishing arch!

Keep Fit and Raise Money for Charity

Fun runs are a double whammy–not only are you keeping your fitness up, but most fun runs are charity events so your entrance fee goes to a great cause or back into your local community.

If it is a free event, you could ask your neighbours or work colleagues to sponsor you and give the proceeds to a charity of your choice. Not only are you exercising and getting fit, but you are also doing a good deed by joining. So, when you complete the run, it will leave you feeling great, too.

Mental Health

Exercise is great for your mental health; a good workout can leave you feeling focused and revitalised. The reasons fun runs are so good is that they are so stressed free and they aren’t competitive, so your time doesn’t matter unless you want it to. Also, you aren’t running a marathon so there is no reason to stress in the build-up to the event or you can run freely with no judgment. Sometimes, people even dress up for the occasion, which can result in a lot of laughter.

Fun runs are good for the soul and even better for your overall health. As a method of aerobic exercise, running can decrease anxiety and even help to ease signs of depression.

A Great Way to See the Country

Fun runs take place across the country nearly every weekend so you can use your newfound love for fun running as an excuse to travel and see the country. On top of getting fit, it’s a fun way to get out and about, meet new people, and socialise.

It’s such a good reason to get out of the house and on the road, giving you a sense of accomplishment for your time off work.

Remember it’s meant to be fun!

As you can see from the list above, there are many reasons why fun runs are the best way to keep fit. The major reason is that they are fun! You don’t have to push yourself too hard, it gets you away from the sofa and the television, and gives you a sense of accomplishment that you don’t really get from going to the gym.

The social aspect is a welcomed attribute as you will likely end up making friends with someone who is on the same running level as you are. Fun runs are great for community spirit and can really bring people together while keeping everyone healthy.