By now, everyone is aware of the effects of climate change on our world. One of the biggest contributing factors towards increased carbon in the atmosphere is, of course, transportation. This is an issue all around the world and here at home. Is going green on transport the answer? It certainly is! But why could it make sense for you? Read on to find out more.

Why Go Green?

As previously mentioned, the earth is warming up. A lot of this is due to carbon emissions from traditional forms of transportation, including cars, motorbikes, boats, and planes. The good folks over at say, “With the severe acts of climate change, it is all of our duty to play our part in conserving the Earth.” and we couldn’t agree more. If you agree, then keep reading as we discuss various ways of going green!

What Is Green Transportation?

Green transportation is all about using more efficient and effective modes of transport compared to traditional methods. Over 90% of road transportation currently relies on oil, which, as we all know, is an unsustainable resource. Green alternatives would instead be reliant on other systems such as electricity. Similar statistics are seen in rail and air travel. In theory, all types of transport could be made more sustainable and eco-friendly, but many have yet to be developed or are not yet very popular. You may have heard of some green or eco-friendly modes of transportation already, but we have listed some below for further information! 

Examples of Green Transportation Methods

Electric Bikes

One thing we’re all getting more used to seeing are electric bikes. They are everywhere now, including for hourly rental in most big cities. They use very little energy as your pedaling charges the batteries. Those batteries, in turn, then help push you along faster. This is a lovely win-win situation, you charge the battery, and the battery helps you up hills! Most electric bikes are generally limited to a certain speed (around 20mph), but still get you around far quicker than walking, and far greener than driving! 

Electric Cars

We are also seeing far more electric cars on the roads these days, however, the latest studies show only 2.6% of global car sales are fully electric. Though this is a vast increase in figures from just two or three years ago. If we could get all the cars on the planet electric, we would massively reduce carbon emissions. Electric cars are becoming far more economical and longer-lasting than their original counterparts. Some companies are now trying to make their trucks and busses electric as well. If you opt for an electric car, you may spend more at first, but also may save a lot of money not buying traditional fuel! 


Scooters, like electric bikes, seem to be available to rent in most major cities around the USA and the rest of the world now. You can also buy them for your personal use. Again, they use very little energy compared to traditional transport methods but have a limited speed of around 12-16mph. Perfect for cruising around a city, without damaging the environment. Only a small amount of electricity is required to charge their batteries.


Yes, the classic bicycle! Manpower, potentially the greenest energy on the planet! Cycling is becoming ever more popular in major cities around the world. Last year it was estimated that 15-20 million bicycles were sold in the USA alone last year. Apart from the energy used in the factory making them – which is still less than the energy used to make a motorbike – they then require no power at all, apart from your legs! Cycling to work could be the greenest option ever.

Green Trains

Something starting to creep into modern life is green trains. Diesel has been the most common form of fuel for trains for the last few decades. Now there are hybrid diesel-electric engines making clever use of technology to create faster, safer, and greener trains. They are starting to appear around the world, and should help cut emissions greatly!

What’s Still To Come?

Two things missing from this list are ships and planes. We are still waiting for the technology to transpose from road and rail vehicles over to air and sea travel. There are, of course, people working on this, but it is still some way off. Many believe electric planes are only a decade or so away, but will at first be quite small as technology develops. 

So, as you can see, with personal transportation, there are so many reasons why going green could be great for you. Think about if any of these are suitable for you and whether you would like to invest in some green transportation. Happy travels!