There’s a reason why, when kids draw a sun, they often draw it with a smiley face. There’s a reason why, in other words, they intuitively see this elemental part of the human experience as “happy” or benevolent. Sunshine, in addition to providing us visibility and warmth, has wide-ranging health and wellness benefits. 

And those benefits shouldn’t stop the moment you walk indoors. In order to optimize your home for personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family, look for ways to add natural light to your home.  Rather than waking up in the dark, get your morning started with a flood of sunbeams in your bedroom. Rather than work away in a dingy home office or a dim kitchen, reap the motivational and mood-boosting benefits of bright surroundings. 

In this article, let’s uncover why natural light is important, how to add natural light to your home and where to place windows and doors to maximize your natural light intake. 

Why Add Natural Light

When polled about the most important feature they look for in a workplace, respondents to this Harvard Business Review survey cited natural light as the very top priority. That’s because, perhaps unbeknownst to the respondents, natural light plays a critical role in improving mood, alertness and productivity. And the alternative to a bright office – a dark, gloomy office – can be detrimental for morale. 

The same principles apply at home. Natural light improves Vitamin-D synthesis and helps synchronize your circadian rhythm, ensuring that you feel better, sleep better and work better. Especially now that many people are working from home in an attempt to uphold physical distancing measures, it’s more important than ever to make your environment as bright as possible.  Making your house more spacious will also increase the amount of light and you can do so with a loft conversion; and an attic conversion cost in London should be well within your budget.

How to Fill Your Home with More Natural Light

The best way to fill your home with natural light is by installing new windows and doors. Add a bay window in your living room for multi-angled natural light. Add a skylight in your kitchen for all day rays. Or install a large sliding patio door to stream in natural light and facilitate easier access to the sun-rich backyard.

It’s the perfect summer renovation project. Just get in touch with a trustworthy window and door manufacturer and choose the type that’s right for you. Coordinate installation with them and, before you know it, you’ll be reaping the year-round benefits of natural light. 

Where to Add Windows and Doors

As mentioned, sliding patio doors make a great addition to the back of the home. Bay windows are great for the front of the home because, in addition to providing natural light, they improve curb appeal. Skylights make great additions to any north-facing roof or converted attic. Awning, casement and slider windows are all great for the bathroom because they are also operable, meaning you can open them to vent steam and discourage mould growth. 

Wherever you choose to put your windows and doors, it’s best to consult with professionals beforehand. Call a windows and doors company and chat about your options. Tell them you’re looking to add natural light in your home. 

Don’t go another summer living in the dark. Take action this summer by installing new windows and doors in your home.