As we begin to see increasing societal shift in the health and wellness space and more people place importance on their overall wellbeing, we see a natural inclination toward integrated health start to emerge. For Park Integrative Health, we see the practice of integrated health care as critical to the future of health and wellness.

What is integrated health?

Integrative health is all about collaboration and communication between allied health care professionals. The idea is to provide complete, overall treatment for patients through a variety of professionals who practice in the eastern and western medical traditions. Integrated health is unique for the sharing of information between professionals who are experts within their respective fields, and the establishment of a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient — most uniquely, a treatment plan that focuses on a combination of traditional and holistic healing modalities. An integrated treatment plan will often use modalities that focus on healing the physical, psychological, and social needs of a patient.

Who benefits from integrated health care?

The benefits of integrative health care aren’t just for the patient — although the benefits to the patient are significant. Integrative health also benefits the health care professionals by providing them with a collaborative team of practitioners who can offer differing opinions, approaches, and information when assessing a patient’s situation. Integrative health further benefits the overall health care structure by helping to alleviate strain on the system. Because integrative health takes a proactive approach, health problems can be reduced or solved before they get too severe and require serious medical intervention.

How do we shift to integrative health?

Integrative health care is truly a unique, modern day approach to medicine, and one we wholeheartedly believe is worth exploring. Making the shift to an integrated approach to your health requires finding the right team of practitioners who are willing to work together on your behalf. At Park Integrative Health, we’ve built an incredible team of traditional and holistic professionals who are here to collaborate and provide patients with alternative, more holistic options for getting to the root of health care concerns. We invite you to come visit our space for a tour and get to know how we can take a well-rounded and integrative approach to your health.

If you would like to learn more, or book a tour of our facility and meet our team, please reach out to our Director of Holistic Services, Brandon Jacobs at

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