The prevention of orthodontic problems through early intervention play an important role for misaligned teeth. They are acquired through genetic, hence if the biological parents have an orthodontic problem, there are greater possibilities that their child may acquire it also. There are however, cases where it’s not genetically passed to the child.

With cases where there are no genetic issues, they may still need to experience the same process of treatment. For example, when children use a pacifier or drinking bottles, it can cause an adverse effect on their teeth. Having an orthodontic treatment for these irregularities is imperative. The future of your child may be affected because of these orthodontic problems so it’s better to prevent it through early intervention by bringing your child to an orthodontist as early as possible.

There are many benefits as a result of having early treatment:

  • It reduces the probability of the teeth to be extracted.
  • It helps to avoid the possibility of other orthodontic issues developing.
  • It helps teeth maintain their correct position.
  • It helps to correct the size of small and unshaped jaws.
  • It reduces the probability of having pain due to damaged teeth.
  • It prevents teeth from being infected.

The Prevention of Orthodontic Issues with the use of Early Intervention

If the problem is determined, the Association of American Orthodontist suggested that children age seven years old should have their first orthodontist visit. Docbraces understands that the process of early intervention is essential and highly focused. An initial consultation is necessary to set an appointment to determine the correct treatment. Also, an aligned tooth will give a confident feeling especially when we speak and present ourselves to others. This, in return, will enhance the child’s self-esteem as he or she grows up, making it easy for them to adapt to their peer group better.

There is an examination while your child is in the orthodontic test. Aside from that, there is also an important process to follow in order to achieve the aligned teeth that you want. An examination will determine the orthodontic problems that you have, and through this, the doctor can formulate solutions and steps to solve the issues. It is beneficial to have early treatment, and if this treatment is taken, you can help develop and protect your child’s teeth from any forms of danger.

An Early Orthodontic Process

  • Early treatment is an easy and simple way as it removes the baby tooth in order for the permanent tooth to grow. When the permanent tooth appears, it will find itself in the correct place. Also, getting all the baby teeth outgrown by permanent teeth early is best.
  • If your jaw has an extremely narrow upper part, your permanent teeth will suffer to find their perfect location. In this case, early treatment is essential. It will prevent the permanent tooth from growing in inappropriate places, and it also helps resolve issues with your jaw.
  • Stopping children from sucking on things like pacifiers may even be a greater help to avoiding more prominent problems.

Braces are also recommended to align your teeth and place them in the proper location. The braces will help control tooth growth and the alignment between the jaw and the teeth.

In Phase 1, the treatment is formulated when we determine that the upper jaw of the child is still improving and growing. Phase 2 will start after all the permanent teeth appear, and the face of the child will continue to grow beginning at the age of 12 up to 18 years old. This Phase 2 is created to determine and allocate the teeth in their proper alignment. It also guides the teeth to form the precise alignment in which they are balanced from the size of the lips, cheeks, teeth and the tongue. While phase 2 is being conducted, expect that your child will use a complete set of braces in the lower and the upper teeth. If these braces are removed from the child’s teeth, some retainers must be worn to maintain the alignment of the teeth and protect the beautiful smile of the child. It is essential to have a confident smile because it develops your ability to connect, speak, and have a conversation with other people without feeling uncomfortable.

The most important thing is to personalize the treatment needed by the patient. Aside from that, based on my experience, an orthodontist near me offers incentive programs so you might want to check with yours. Some of them even provide an innovative way of accommodating and offer flexible hours of work, making it less of a hassle on your end.