Aside from its positive effects on the human body, yoga is also known to provide a long list of mental health benefits. Studies were already published to back up claims that yoga can relieve stress, increase body awareness, and sharpen concentration and attention. These benefits, along with increasing one’s flexibility, are the reasons why people choose to do yoga.

As a new yogi, it’s best if you equip yourself with the right footwear when doing yoga. These shoes can affect your chances of mastering the exercise. That’s why investing in the right gear is essential when doing yoga. The right attire and materials will allow you to maximize the benefits of yoga. Moreover, this helps you properly execute yoga poses even when you’re at home. 

To paint a clearer picture of how important it is to have the right footwear when doing yoga, consider the points below:

Better Comfort

Whenever you’re buying any type of shoes, comfort is an important deciding factor. You wouldn’t spend your money on a pair of shoes that will only lead to blisters, right?

Here are the benefits of comfortable yoga shoes:

  • Grounded stance – The right footwear for yoga will not only provide optimal comfort; it’s also designed with specialized features so you’ll have a grounded stance during your next yoga session. Established brands of yoga shoes designed this footwear to cater to the movement of yogis without compromising their comfort.
  • Better performance – Because the right footwear for yoga is soft and comfortable, you can be sure that wearing them can boost your performance as a yogi. 
  • Pleasant experience – What’s more, you’ll actually have a good time doing yoga. The more enjoyable your yoga sessions are, the longer you’ll continue with your efforts in practicing yoga. 

To know how important comfort is in your journey as a yogi, read articles on orthotics, especially those from reputable yoga brands. They crafted this guide to orthotic footwear for active individuals like you.

Improved Flexibility

While some yoga poses are easy to do, other poses demand flexibility. The Uttanasana or the standing forward bend, for one, will require more flexibility as you’ll have to bend your body while standing up to reach your toes. As you progress as a yogi, the amount of flexibility required in every pose also increases.

Along with regular practice, wearing the right footwear can improve your flexibility. Yoga footwear usually comes with a strap to ensure that the shoe fits properly, regardless of how you twist and turn during your yoga sessions. Some footwear also comes with a thin and lightweight outsole to improve your feet’s grip, preventing your shoes from falling off.

Flexibility is vital when doing yoga because using footwear that constricts your feet will only result in foot pain and even injuries. Any discomfort felt during your first yoga sessions will likely discourage you from going to your next session.

Pain Relief

Wearing the wrong type of footwear will make it challenging for you to walk, stand, and engage in strenuous physical activities. Wearing the wrong type and size of shoes, for example, can result in foot pain.

When you wear the right footwear for yoga, you don’t have to worry about experiencing foot pain. Some shoes can treat mild corn and bunion pain. Although these conditions aren’t a cause for concern, corns and calluses can be very painful once rubbed or touched.

Prevent Injuries

For you to make the most out of yoga, you need to practice it regularly. Doing some yoga poses for an hour every week won’t guarantee that you will immediately become physically and mentally healthy. Also, occasionally practicing yoga during your leisure time will also delay your progress of becoming an expert yogi.

If you want to make yoga a part of your lifestyle, investing in the right footwear is a must. Because these shoes are designed for yogis, these offer features that can prevent foot injuries without compromising your comfort.

The right footwear for yoga offers enhanced protection for your Achilles tendon and toe to prevent common yoga injuries. Injuries, especially when it involves the feet, will adversely affect your performance as a yogi and might even become the reason why you’ll have to miss days from your yoga sessions.

Make Careful Decisions

Regardless of how tempting it can be, never settle for cheap footwear since it could cost your comfort and progress in yoga. If you don’t have any experience in buying the right footwear for yoga, take the time to ask for recommendations. Scout for at least three shoe options and weigh the pros and cons of these choices. Aside from spending money, keep in mind that the footwear you choose can also affect your health and safety.