If you are one of the millions of people who like to work out around the world, then you will always be on the lookout for ways to improve your regime and perform at a higher level. Of course, you will also be looking at the latest gear that keeps you safe and helps you to prevent injuries or . While there are always new pieces coming out, one innovation that has become very popular is compression wear.

What exactly is compression wear? If you have never come across it before but keep hearing about it, then this might be your first question.

In simple terms, it is a specialized type of sports apparel that you can wear during or after your workout. Generally speaking, there will be types that help you perform better when exercising and those that aid recovery better. The most widely seen example currently is the compression socks that long-distance athletes use. Big names in the world of compression wear include Tommie Copper – indeed, to get a really good insight into what compression wear is, the Tommie Copper Instagram feed is a fine starting point.

Once you know what this type of sports clothing is, you may wonder why making it a key part of your regime is wise. Here are some key reasons why it makes sense.

Amazing support for your body

A large part of what makes compression wear so vital is how it supports your body to keep it safe from injury. As you begin to train, the compression garment you have on will supply gentle pressure to the area it covers. This not only helps to boost your circulation when exercising for better performance but also takes some of the strain off the muscles being compressed. The net result is less chance of injury with your body taking less of the strain.

Reduces muscle soreness

As noted above, compression gear is as good for helping out after exercising as it is when working out. One specific example of this is in how wearing compression clothing can help to reduce those feelings of soreness you may usually get in your muscles the next day. Much of this is due to the increased blood flow that the compression clothing delivers to your muscles, which helps them recover faster. This is great for anyone who works out regularly as you can train more and not miss out on any sessions.

Keeps you comfortable when exercising

The very nature of working out means that you will get hot and sweaty. The problem can be that this is uncomfortable and may lead you to cutting short on your workouts. To eliminate this, try adding a compression top to your usual workout attire. The material that they are made from is breathable, which makes it easy for the air to circulate around your body. This keeps you cooler and feeling better for longer, which in turn means that you can work out for a longer period of time.

Helps with post-exercise recovery

Besides helping to reduce stiffness after exercise, compression wear is also great for allowing your whole body to recover better. The tight-fitting nature of the garments and the compression they provide allows for muscles to rebuild quicker along with tissues in the body to repair themselves. Wearing this sort of clothing during and after exercise can also help reduce any swelling that may otherwise appear.

It looks cool

Along with all the practical benefits that make compression wear such a good choice when exercising, it also looks cool! Compared to that baggy old t-shirt or jogging bottoms that have seen better days, smart and professional-looking compression gear is much more presentable. We know that the gym is no fashion show, but at the same time, everyone wants to look and feel good when working out. By picking up some of this latest sports clothing, you will not only protect your body and recover quicker but also look the business.

Make compression wear a key part of your routine

When it comes to getting fit, there can seem lots of different products to try and many items that can help you achieve your goals. Compression wear really is one worth taking note of though as it can not only help you perform better but also prevent injury and enable you to recover from your exercise regime quicker. If you have not tried this type of clothing yet, then it is certainly worth a try. This is especially true if you have one area of your body (such as your calves) that seem to cause you problems each time you work out.