Marketing automation has become central in all industries to boost sales, engagement, and visibility since the age of consumerism began. Flourishing companies and thriving sectors have collectively realized that extensive marketing combined with innovative strategies is the best way to get ahead of the competition.  

However, the modern-day e-commerce world has made it clear for the companies that although marketing is a great way to generate revenue, it is not possible to maintain a high profit-to-investment ratio when there are numerous people involved in the same task. Hence, large companies and firms all across the world are turning towards automating the marketing division. This is expected to significantly enhance the speed and efficiency of the companies’ digital marketing campaigns.  

Marketing helps a firm to build long-term client relationships and increase customer engagement. This works on ways that complement the overall customer satisfaction.  

Furthermore, if a brand or an organization is not well established or widely recognized, potential customers will have a more difficult time trusting it because of their so-called “lizard brain.” Through ethical marketing strategies, it is possible for such companies to win their clients’ trust and improve their reputation. This is particularly important in the healthcare industry since healthcare firms deal directly with the health, well-being, and lives of people. So they have to establish trust by showing empathy, value, and gratitude through offline and online marketing. 

What is the Significance of Marketing in the Healthcare Industry? 

The healthcare industry is no joke. In addition to being tasked with the monumental feat of saving lives and bettering the society, the healthcare sectors also have to build trust and relationships with people to the extent that they entrust their lives and the lives of their beloved to an organization. This is achievable only through intricate ethical marketing practices that are fast, efficient, and far-reaching.

Marketing in the healthcare industry is also important because people who are not in their perfect state of health would rather spend a large amount on a well-reputed healthcare firm instead of on a firm that offers affordable services but is not widely recognized. For more information on selling your health care business, contact Stoneridge Partners.

Why Should Marketing Be Automated in Healthcare? 

The healthcare sector is expanding at unprecedented rates all over the globe. The demand for medical professionals is on a continuous rise. Here comes a vicious cycle.  

For healthcare firms to function as per the demand, they would have to employ a larger number of medical professionals, which increases the overall cost of the firms’ operations. To sustain profits, the firms, conventionally, either have to reduce their staff or push the costs onto the customers, which would result in either not being able to meet the demands or lower clientele.  
Hence, the best possible solution for this is automating as many divisions of the firms as possible. Since the automation in core medical professions is not technically advanced enough to meet consumer requirements, this is pushed onto the marketing division. Software as a Service (SaaS) tools that reap the benefits of cutting-edge programming and cloud computation only make this transition for healthcare marketing companies easier and more effortless.  

Let us look at some aspects of marketing automation that help work amazingly in the healthcare space. 

1. Increase Patient Engagement 

The best healthcare firm is the one that is able to quickly cater to its patients’ wants and needs by making accurate and precise judgments beforehand. With the help of quizzes, surveys, and more, you can program your SaaS tool to analyze what the patients are looking forward to and what their expectations are. Using such insightful analytics, you can program your marketing software to automatically curate and deliver appropriate content to the relevant audiences and patients.  

Often, patients have a difficult time explain their exact condition, or sometimes they even feel hesitant to talk openly to another human about their health condition due to feelings such as embarrassment and the fear of judgment. However, it becomes easier when the same patient is asked to explain or open up about their state of wellness in front of a mobile or desktop screen. Using strategies like online survey forms and questionnaires, hospitals and clinics can appropriately diagnose their patients with minimal errors.

2. Stay in Touch 

The first advantage of automating your marketing operations is a tremendous increase in speed. It is very common for patients to miss their doctors’ appointments for health checkups. Patients also often forget to take their medication on time.  

Using automation and SaaS tools, medical centers, and medical professionals are able to effortlessly stay in touch with their patients to guide them through their tough times. Such practices by healthcare institutions radically improve reputation and public relations, which is the most important asset for continual growth. 

3. Educate the Clients 

The year 2020 has made many people in the world open their eyes to the dangers of microbes, bacteria, germs, and viruses. As healthcare firms are struggling to accommodate patients, the best way to fight both the pandemic as well as the lack of supply is to educate people on how to take care of themselves and to emphasize that prevention is better than cure.  

Additionally, you can also provide your patients with regular tips and how-to’s that help them maintain better personal hygiene. 

Video marketing is an assured way to educate your audience and also get an appreciable return on investment (ROI). According to video marketing statistics 2020 of Oberlo, 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing.  

Through email marketing, you can regularly update your patients about the status of your healthcare services, new reforms, and updates in the healthcare industry. Such outreach will go a long way in helping communities understand their healthcare sector better and make more informed decisions before committing their treatment to a firm. It also helps to spread awareness about sanitization, cleanliness, and the benefits of a clean environment. 


In addition to all of the aforementioned reasons and benefits of why automation of marketing is such a big hit in the healthcare sector, it also provides the added advantage of streamlining managerial and operational processes of any concerned healthcare space.  

Speed, reliability, efficiency, and customizability are boosted from the very day your healthcare firm employs automation to its marketing division.