I started to practice yoga on a backpacking trip to Australia in 2001.  My brother and I were travelling together, when we stumbled upon this yoga studio in the middle of the Australian bush.  ‘Lonely Planet’ said “$20 per night, includes free yoga in the morning!”  We didn’t know what yoga was, but we thought, why not, sounds like a great deal!

We then walked into the most beautiful one room yoga studio with huge windows on all sides.  The flexible instructor sat cross legged at the front of the room, and he invited us to grab free yoga mats at place them where we wished.

We chanted Om. We stretched. We sat in silence. At times, there was light music playing. We were served free hot green tea.

I was hooked!  I knew that ever since that first experience, that one day I would teach yoga.

Fast forward to Covid time, Summer of 2020.

This finally seemed like the right time to take my yoga teacher training. Yoga Alliance thru Lahari Yoga offered courses that were offered part online and part in-person.

A group of us study and practice and learn together.

We talk about the many different types of yoga, the history of yoga, review of the common poses in yoga, and the journeys that each of us have taken in our lives to get to this point.

To me, yoga simply means moving meditation.

Moving meditation means moving thru poses (asanas) while performing breath work.  Matching our movements to our breath. Yoga can be a very personal practice, designed to bring you more in tune with your own body and breath.  Explore what feels good in your body.  Stretch your body and mind in new ways.

How Does Yoga Help Our Fitness?

Stretching our muscles and giving ample time to recovery are a huge part of fitness.  Yoga and recovery allow us to release stress, increase endorphins, and work on our breath techniques. 

And the good thing is, anyone can try!  Try out a class, and if it’s not right for you, try a different class.  Or try a Youtube yoga video, or stretch while watching Netflix with your partner or kid or pet.

In my teaching journey, I am happy to share and teach others in person or over zoom. 

It’s so nice to see people making the time for themselves.  Dealing with their anxiety and stress in new ways.  Stretching their bodies in a new way.  Give some time back to yourself. 

The happiest words that I have heard in the past few months are “Thank you – this was my first yoga class, and I loved it!”

Give it a try!  And then let me know how it goes.


By : Christina Herbers

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