In case your health is affected by an arterial or vein illness or disease, it is advisable you see a fellowship-trained and board-certified vascular health surgeon to make sure you continue enjoying optimal health and wellness. Vascular surgeons at Vascular Specialists in Evergreen Park, and Tinley Park, IL, have gone past the basic surgical training to gain extensive knowledge and experience in treating a plethora of vascular diseases. To access quality-level vascular care, get in touch with Dr. Eugene Tanquilut in Tinley Park through mobile or go online to book an appointment with the office near you.

Meet the Providers

Lead providers, Dr. Tanquilut and Dr. Pradhan, offer top-level care. They possess unique skills in combining clinical evaluations with diagnostic tests to offer diagnoses and treatments for various vascular diseases. What’s more, the providers here have a deeper knowledge and understanding of risk factor management and drug therapy related to one’s vascular health. They have mastered innovative surgical techniques that address vascular diseases and conditions, going far beyond a general surgeon’s experience.

Vascular Specialists prides itself as the sole practice across all Southwest Chicagoland areas to address vascular heath conditions with advanced open invasive procedures or minimally-invasive techniques. Your select provider works closely with you and your loved ones, explaining all the details about procedures to help one make a well-informed decision about their proactive health.

Health Services

At Vascular Specialists, the providers develop specialized vascular treatments as per the patient’s diagnostic tests and clinical evaluations. Most of these laboratory procedures and evaluations can be performed onsite at the patient’s convenience. This facility features an in-house ultrasound technician and also provides care for leg wounds.

Even though the highly-skilled team provides advanced invasive treatment options, the providers emphasize minimally-invasive techniques, where warranted. But if you have to undergo surgery, the patient’s pre-operative and post-operative care focuses on reducing the complications and enhancing faster recovery.

Patients who require dialysis can benefit from the Ellipsys Vascular Access System. Besides, the practice provides top-quality stents from Boston, Cordis, and Bard for arterial blockages and utilizes the most advanced Phillips vascular health ultrasound and Spectranetics Laser. To learn more about the treatment options offered at the practice, schedule a consultation today.

Testimonials & Reviews

Vascular Specialists value and appreciate reviews from their valued patients. To date, the practice boasts a 5 out of 5-star rating based on five collected reviews. To see what other patients are saying about the practice, reach out to their website today.

That said, the expert medical staff and vascular health surgeons at Vascular Specialists address all forms of vascular conditions from their offices in Evergreen Park and Tinley Park, Illinois. Providing comprehensive diagnostic testing, drug, and medical interventions, safe and effective vascular invasive treatment options, Vascular Specialists is a trusted provider by patients across Southwest Chicagoland. Do not let any vascular condition take a toll on your general life quality or overall health and wellness. If you need exceptional vascular healthcare, request an appointment with Vascular Specialists today through mobile, or use the convenient online scheduling tool.