Sugar is an essential component of our bodies. The human body needs glucose for a number of reasons in order to function properly and provide energy to the body. However, too much sugar and especially added sugar in processed foods can cause many health problems. Many people use more than the recommended amount of sugar daily without noticing it, which may lead to a lot of health issues. As per recent studies, to maintain a healthy body, the recommended daily amount of sugar is six teaspoons for women and nine teaspoons for men. Added sugar can be found in many processed foods like ketchup, microwave popcorn, and candies.

How Too Much Sugar Affects Our Bodies

There are many negative consequences when eating too much sugar on a daily basis. Here is a list of how too much sugar can affect our bodies.

Weight Gain

Added sugar increases the risk of obesity. Rates of obesity are rising because of added sugar and especially from that in sugar-sweetened drinks. Consuming a lot of soda and juice are considered unhealthy because they are filled with fructose which is a type of sugar that increases the desire to eat more. Fructose is also found in starchy food like pasta and rice. As fructose increases your desire to eat more, you will be consuming a lot of calories which will lead to weight gain. Studies have found that people who drink a lot of sodas or any sugary drinks, weigh more on average than those who don’t.

Immune function

Studies have found that bacteria and yeast feed on sugar. Having too much glucose in your body can increase the risks of infections.

Tooth Decay

Sugar causes tooth decay more than any other food. Sugar can invite bacteria onto your teeth when not brushed at least twice a day or by excess consumption of sugar.

Heart Disease

The main cause of death worldwide is from heart disease, and one of the main reasons for heart disease is a high-sugar diet. High-sugar diets may lead to obesity and high blood pressure, which may lead to heart disease. Added sugar can cause heart disease that are not linked to obesity and too much consumption of added sugar can put your heart at risk.


Too much sugar can lead to the development of acne. A lot of added sugar increases blood sugar and insulin in the body, causing the body to produce oils more which may increase acne. Scientists say that those who consume added sugar regularly have a 30% higher risk of developing acne than those who don’t consume added sugar.

High Risk of Diabetes

Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar level in our bodies. Too much sugar can lead to a resistance to insulin, causing diabetes. A person’s risk of diabetes gets higher by 1.1% for every 150 calories of sugar consumed.

Unstable Blood Sugar Level

Too much added sugar could cause blood sugar to be unstable. This can cause fatigue, mood swings, cravings and headache. People who don’t consume a lot of added sugar have fewer cravings, and they are emotionally balanced than those who consume added sugar.

Mental Health

A healthy diet can improve your mood. However, a high-sugar diet can cause depression and stress. Sugar has an impact on our mental health, and it can boost the mood. However, a sudden change in the blood sugar can result in anxiousness, stress, or even depression.

Accelerates Aging

Your skin can be affected by your consumption of sugar. Consuming a lot of added sugar has been shown to lead to premature ageing. A study found that women who consume a lot of added sugar on a regular basis have more wrinkles than those who don’t.

Increases energy

Food or drinks that are rich in sugar but has no protein causes our energy to increase. However, it’s followed by a drop in blood sugar, which drains your energy. Having blood sugar swings can cause major fluctuations in your energy level.

How to avoid consuming too much sugar

Cut Sugary Drinks

To avoid the dangers of sugar, you can stop consuming sugary drinks like sodas and juices on a regular basis. These drinks contain a lot of added sugar that causes many of the health problems listed above. You can replace them with sparkling water with lemon, water with mint and cucumber or coffee and tea without adding sugar.

Avoid desserts

Desserts are full of added sugar. You can replace them with fresh fruit, dark chocolate, or yoghurt with fruit.


Ketchup, barbecue sauce and sweet chili sauce contain a lot of added sugar. These sauces can be replaced with fresh chili, yellow mustard or vinegar.

Canned Food

Before purchasing any canned food, it’s preferable to check the amount of sugar in it. That way you can avoid consuming a canned food that contains a lot of sugar. If you bought canned fruit that contains added sugar, you could wash them with water before eating them. Washing canned fruits will remove a percentage of the added sugar in them.

Breakfast Food

A lot of people don’t know that cereals have a massive amount of added sugar, and they eat it on a daily basis. Cereals, pancakes, and waffles contain a lot of sugar, which may lead to various health problems. To avoid this unhealthy breakfast food, you can eat eggs, oatmeal, avocado, and Greek yogurt for breakfast or drink a healthy green smoothie

Maintaining a healthy life

A sugar found in fruits and vegetables is not the same as the one found in processed food. Processed food is full of added sugar, which is unhealthy and can cause a lot of diseases. In order to avoid added sugar, you can always check the sugar amount in the food you’re purchasing. Companies have several names for sugar like maltose, invert sugar, molasses, caramel, fructose, and many more. It’s important to know the names of sugar in the food you’re buying so you’ll know the amount you consume on a daily basis. You can avoid added sugar by having fresh fruit and fresh juices instead of desserts and sodas. Consuming the recommended amount of sugar daily will help you maintain a healthy life.