You’d think that people who have to maintain a certain level of fitness aren’t likely to use illegal drugs at all. However, a report from 2017 found out that some gym buffs in Sydney, Australia were taking cocaine, cannabis, and heroin before and after doing their usual workout routines. Ironic for sure, thus the need for stricter enforcement of drug tests. Out of a few types of drug testing, urine is the most commonly used as whoever’s conducting the analysis can easily find traces of illegal drugs and other substances there compared to other bodily fluids. If you’re a fitness buff, you’ll want to undergo a urine drug screen test whose importance can be best stated by the following reasons:

A urine drug screen test can shed some light into drug abuse issues that you may already have but don’t know yet.

Drug abuse typically starts with just a single hit of an illegal substance that someone you know may have convinced you to take. Sure, you may feel ecstatic for a while after taking the said illegal drug. But one hit can gradually turn into two and then ten until you’ve already become overly addicted to it that you feel you won’t be able to get through an entire day without it.

You might also deny that your dependence on those substances is indicative of drug abuse. You might even make a point that you can still function normally. However, that doesn’t spare you from having a urine drug screen test done to you. Once your urine test results come out positive for illegal drugs, you might start to realize that perhaps you have drug abuse issues after all that you need to address as soon as possible, most especially if you’re an athlete competing in sports events and your reputation is on the line.

A urine drug screen test can help make seeking help through rehabilitation easier for you.

Without undergoing a urine drug screen test at all, you might not realize that you already have drug abuse issues and would thus need rehabilitation. But sleeping it off and hoping that you’ll be drug-free the next day isn’t going to work at all. On the other hand, medical professionals inside a rehab facility can look further into what’s triggering you to take illegal drugs and provide you with adequate treatment to help you get back into shape.

A urine drug screen test can make you recognize the need to maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Completing your stint in rehab doesn’t mean that you’ll never get to using illegal drugs ever again. Your first few weeks out of rehab are when you’re at your most vulnerable that you may suddenly relapse into drug abuse yet again if you aren’t looking after your well-being more carefully. You should thus undergo urine drug screen tests regularly so that you’ll know if you’re genuinely committing to becoming sober after having done your time in rehab or if you have to check yourself in there once again after suffering from a relapse.

It’s a widespread notion that those who heavily involve themselves in fitness-related activities are all drug-free. But as the report mentioned earlier had discovered, even those who regularly go to the gym aren’t exactly immune to taking illegal drugs – especially if they’re doing so under the guise of achieving peak performance during intense workout sessions. Being into fitness shouldn’t excuse you from submitting to a urine drug screen test in case the gym you’re going to might consider implementing it as the above-listed reasons why it’s essential had shown. After all, it’s better to have a drug test officially declare that you’re fit.