An individual who exhibits symptoms of an eating disorder will benefit from the right treatment program. However, not all eating disorder treatment programs are the same, and some of these programs are more effective than others. In order to maximize the chances of eating disorder recovery, it is important to be selective about your treatment program.

Why Treatment Quality Matters

Eating disorders are complex conditions that stem from a combination of different causes and result in a wide range of symptoms and behaviors. In many cases, people who have eating disorders will have psychological symptoms, physical symptoms and medical concerns. With all of these different issues, achieving successful eating disorder recovery can be challenging.

It is important to find an eating disorder treatment programs that addresses all of the diverse aspects of eating disorders. There should be a focus not only on the psychological and/or physical components of the disorder, but also any medical, social or professional difficulties that may arise. The more comprehensive the program, the more effective the treatment outcome.

Finding a Quality Treatment Program

To ensure you or your loved one has the best possible chance of achieving recovery from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or a similar disorder, you need to choose a high-quality treatment program at a professional and forward-thinking facility. Certain selective eating disorder treatment programs provide clients with better treatment and a higher chance of success. Some of the characteristics you should look for as you compare different eating disorder treatment programs include:

  • The structure of the program: Treatment programs can offer multiple levels of care, including residential and day treatment options to meet the needs of different clients at different points in their recovery. While residential treatment programs provide 24-hour care, day treatment programs provide therapeutic support while clients participate in developmentally appropriate activities outside of treatment (i.e. school, work, volunteering, etc.) Day treatment is ideal for clients stepping down from a residential level of care or those in outpatient therapy that need a higher level of support.
  • The types of therapies used: Some treatment programs rely on only one or two types of therapeutic approaches to treat clients with eating disorders. However, the most effective programs will use a variety of different approaches to address every aspect of the disorder. Some of the treatments used may include individual counseling, group counseling, education, nutritional rehabilitation, medical care and alternative therapies.
  • Level of customization: Every client is unique and will respond to eating disorder treatment differently. High-quality treatment programs customize their programs to meet the needs of each individual client.
  • Reputation and success rates: The best eating disorder treatment programs will have a solid track record for success and a good reputation among past clients.

As you compare different programs, you may think about certain practical factors as well, such as the program’s location and/or price. While it is often necessary to take these factors into consideration, they should not be your most important concerns. To improve the likelihood of recovery, the quality of the program needs to be your first priority.

Monte Nido is proud to offer a wide variety of eating disorder treatment options at several locations in California, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. Our programs are always customized to serve each unique client, and we utilize a range of therapies. Please contact us today to learn more about our eating disorder treatment programs.