When you are unwell, or you have a sick child or even a family member dragging them or yourself to a health center is not always a beautiful experience. It even gets dangerous due to the vulnerability of the body if you cannot reach a health center, or are not in a position to make an appointment at Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch to get Austin urgent care services.

 They offer first-hand services, which include:


No matter your location, they give you a professional evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment without being there physically. Contact them immediately if you feel unwell and save your money and time.


Preventive measures from dangerous diseases and illnesses should be taken to protect both children and adults.

Immunizations such as annual flu shots, standard childhood immunization, and travel vaccines are what your family might need. Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch have the services at a competitive price.

Some of the vaccinations they offer will protect you throughout your life, while others have to be taken at different times of life to maintain your immunity to diseases.

Contact them if you or any of your family members are due for a vaccination.  


Allergies are among the top 6 causes of chronic illness. Urgent and Family Care paramedics are available to help you manage all your allergy reactions by giving you a prescription-strength antihistamine and steroid to combat all symptoms such as itchy skin and sneezing that may either have been caused by dust, pollen, eggs, and lactose, among others.

Give them a call if you notice symptoms such as a swollen lip, tightness in the thought, nausea, and vomiting.

Sport Injuries

With the certified physicians and clinical staff at Urgent and Family Care, you don’t have to hold back your desire of staying fit and healthy due to fear of acute and chronic sports injuries such as strains, dislocations, and fractures getting examined immediately when you feel an unusual pain.

Wound care

Some wounds can cause infections and dangerous complications if not handled correctly by cleaning, treating, and closing them. If you have a wound that won’t stop bleeding or have slow-to-heal open sores due to ulcers, it’s time to visit an urgent and family care specialist.

Respiratory Infection

Colds, flu, and pneumonia are some of the respiratory infections that are treatable at Urgent and family care. Their treatment involves antiviral medicines, cough syrup, and other therapies that address your specific issue.

Ear Infection

This is most common in children. Allergies, sinus infections, exposure to cigarettes, and infected or swollen adenoids are some of the contributing factors to ear infections.

If your child has persistent trouble sleeping, balance problems, and fever, among others, you should consider visiting Urgent Family Care for an effective checkup.

If you do not have a primary care provider, call Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch and get the most affordable quality health care from the most committed physicians and clinical staff who love what they do and do it best.

Contact them today to learn more about their services.