Working outdoors can have a host of positives and negatives. For many, not being confined inside four walls and sitting at a desk all day is the most treasured aspect of their work. There are the health benefits of being mobile all day, as well as receiving fresh air free from bacteria and germs. On the other side of the coin, poor weather conditions can negatively impact health, and in some cases restrict the amount of work that can be done. One of the major benefits of working outdoors is the ability to enjoy good weather conditions, particularly in summer. This in itself carries its own risks due to over exposure to the sun. With studies indicating that outdoor workers are six times more at risk than office workers to skin cancer, education and information on the risks is necessary in order to prevent lasting damage to skin.

This infographic from North Sea Workwear is aimed at providing information to anyone that is exposed to the sun for long periods. We aim to increase awareness on the dangers, and also on the correct precautions that are necessary to protect the skin.

Working Safely in the Sun