Exercising has immediate and long-term health benefits. Regular physical activity can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Truth be told, even though we all know this, sometimes we have those days when we’d rather stay in bed than work out. However, many people find that a new gear or workout essentials can keep you motivated. Naturally, gym memberships and new sneakers won’t automatically turn you into an exercise fanatic, but gadgets do make our exercise or training experience easy and enjoyable.

So, if you are a beginner and want to start a workout program, here are a few sports workout accessories you must have.

Trainers (Shoes & socks)

Buy trainers according to your feet and planned activities.  A good pair of shoes, designed specifically for the workout you have chosen, could make the difference between completing your exercise session comfortably and quitting due to pain. Check the weight of the shoes, make sure it’s suitable according to your feet and supports the type of activities you do. For instance, a light trainer is meant more for indoor training, like exercising in the gym. A more cushioning trainer has a better grip and it’s meant for outdoor running. To feel whether the selected pair of trainers support your feet, walk around for a good 5 mins or so, jump or run on the spot if you need to.

Wet, sweaty feet or ill-fitting socks can really ruin a good workout session. The best workout socks are above all comfortable. They should be made with breathable performance fabrics that wick away moisture and should sit securely on your foot. Since there are different types of sports socks — from gym socks to baseball socks — be sure to choose the ones that are specifically designed to support the type of physical activity you are undertaking.

Workout clothes

Many people want to look good while they exercise, so they tend to buy sports workout clothes that look primarily cute. However, your workout clothes should be less about fashion and more about comfort and fit. Since what you wear can impact the success of your workout, tailor your attire to the specific activity. For instance, for general workouts it is best to wear something that fits you well, does not restrict your movements and keeps you cool. Choose the right workout clothes by first considering fabric, fit and comfort. Lastly, you can still look good while you sweat with breathable jogger pants.

For ladies, any sport that is high impact and results in the breasts moving up and down or side to side like running, netball, tennis or jumping exercises requires a heavy-duty sports bra. However, some forms of exercise, like yoga and pilates, do not require heavy-duty sports bras.

Gym bag

Nowadays there is a diverse offering of gym bags. Since they are not used just for the gym anymore, prior to making a purchase, consider the possible uses and frequency of need. Pay attention to the material, size, and compartments. Gym bags consist of a variety of materials: polyester, nylon, leather, canvas, and vinyl. Choosing the right material is a matter of personal preference. When it comes to the size of your gym bag, be sure to know what items you plan to carry in your bag – gym shoes, workout clothes, shower items, water bottle, essential workout gear, etc. In addition, size is important since you want to be able to store it easily. And the nice thing about compartments is that you can keep your workout gear and other items neatly organized. In addition, decide whether the bag will fit in with your fit your type of exercise (whether it’s swimming, running, weightlifting, or other activities) and lifestyle.

Towel & Water Bottle

Towels are a must to beat the heat when playing outdoor sports, at the gym, running or any activities that could use a little cool off when done. Always have a towel with you when you are working out. Using a towel while exercising it`s for hygiene. You should not use the same towel you use to wipe your face to wipe the bench or mat in the gym.  

Proper hydration is essential during your workout. This is why you must remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout your exercising session. This is the most secure way to improve your workout performance. You must have a bottle of water with you and drink an average of 250 ml for every 15-20 mins of workout. Get a refillable, resealable water bottle that is easy to carry and easy to clean.

Wireless earbuds

Music is a powerful tool often used to boost athletic performance. Scientists noticed that music changes the heart rate, affect blood pressure, changed the metabolic rate, reduce physical and mental stress and reduced fatigue. All of these things aid the flow of energy in the human body. This is why you need to invest in wireless earbuds. This accessory will make it easier for you to engage in physical activity without getting tangled up. Bluetooth technology connects the earbuds to your smartphone or tablet for music.

Digital watch

A digital watch can be used to track your intervals of workout and rest. Choose one that’s sturdy and durable. Some workout watches monitor your heart rate and burnt calories, while those with GPS track your distances and pace, so they’re very good for runners.

Workout Apps

Consistency is the key to result-oriented exercising. Thus, having a workout app downloaded to your smartphone will make developing a regular exercise routine easier. If you are too busy to visit the gym or go out for running, try exercising at home. There are a few home workout app to help you start such as, Sworkit or  Nike + Training Club. If you are up for a workout at the gym, one of the best fitness apps you can use are PEAR Personal Fitness Coach apps, Map My Fitness, Skimble’s Workout Trainer, and again Nike + Training Club.