As we’re self isolating and social distancing, it’s important for us all to stay safe from Covid-19. It’s also important to do what we can to keep our minds and bodies healthy as it’s easy to fall into the trap of spending countless hours scrolling through Instagram or Tik-Tok and binging on Netflix. or using an mp3 converter to take your audio or video workouts on the go.. Even keeping the newscycle continuously scrolling on our televisions or devices while listening through our headphones can have a negative effect on our mental wellbeing when we’re not keeping active or doing a workout from home.

So what can we do collectively to support our physical and our mental health while staying at home and also feel the sense of connection with our friends and wellness community?

We’re putting together a list of companies who have turned to putting their workouts online. Some are doing Instagram or Facebook Stories. Others have made their library of workouts available online so users can workout from home. We’ve even begun to create workout videos with studios we’ve worked with and posted them on our YouTube page.

Here’s a list of places hosting online or virtual workouts on social media. We plan to keep this list up as long as the Covid crisis is keeping us in our homes. We’re scouring social media daily and posting workouts for that day to allow you to workout from home, but if you have an upcoming workout you’d like us to share, please send us a message at info@yegfitness with the details and we’ll get that posted.

Since so many are now sharing their workouts on social media, please tag us in your post and we’ll be happy to share in our Instagram Story.

Online Libraries

We know these are tough times for studios with closures. For many of these owners, this is their only source of income. As a result, many are putting their workouts online to make working out from home super easy. Some are including this free for members and others are doing them either completely free for everyone, or are charging a small fee.

Here’s a list of some to check out:






Personal Trainers

We realize that there are many studios doing this, so if we’ve missed you, please send us an email at and we’ll get you added to the list.


* We are sharing this list of studios and trainers as a way to engage with the community and help everyone stay active. We have not been paid to promote any of these studios, nor have we checked all of them out. Please workout at a level that is appropriate for your ability.