Yoga is a divine way of leading life. It is a discipline that has its root entrenched in the ancient Indian tradition. In the present time of peril, yoga is all the more relevant because it lifts people from the shackles of sadness. Due to the benefits that yoga provides, it is now being considered as a globalized phenomenon with its knowledge being easily available to all of us.

People can join courses like yoga teacher training India or go for meditation retreats in order to get the maximum benefits out of yoga. As a practice, yoga is helpful for attaining mental, physical and spiritual well being. It is a simple way for improving the health and outlook towards life. Plus, there is always potential for enhancing this practice.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the ways in which we can improve our yoga practice to develop a healthier outlook towards life:

1.       RESPECT YOUR BODY: Is it possible for you to bring your nose to touch your knees while standing in a forward bend? Depending upon the level of flexibility, some people have the ability bend more than others. Therefore, when you first start doing yoga it is important to respect the limitations of your body by bending according to your own capacity. There is no need to match the body posture of those yogis you must have seen in the TV or a book. The main rule is to stay consistent, stable and comfortable while doing the yoga asanas. Don’t push harder or try to overdo things by being authentic with the limits of your body. Also, don’t be lazy. Practice as much as you can by being comfortable and stable with your body.

2.       INCULCATE A SENSE OF JOY: Practice yoga with a sense of joy. If you go beyond your bodily limits by overdoing a stretch then your joy will be the first thing that will go away. If you feel that you are not happy, then that is a clear sign that you’re doing something wrong with your practice. Either you are stretching more than your body allows you to or you are just not comfortable. Realign your body to be at peace with it and bring your smile back. With consistent practice, you will discover a great improvement. It is best to warm up with the sun salutations.

3.       BREATHE PROFOUNDLY: You must take long breaths that can help you relax and maintain the right yoga posture. Stay focused on the breath so that you can stretch further ahead. Rest deeply in the yoga posture and feel in the intensity of the stretch.

4.       RESPECT YOUR PRACTICE: Yoga is much more than a physical exercise. It is one of the most profound ways to move close towards the nature. Make sure that you practice the yoga asanas with awareness, a deep connection and respect for your practice. Feeling like this is going to bring much more grace to the yoga asanas that you perform.

5.       TAP INTO THAT YOGI ATTITUDE AND GO WITHIN: While practicing the yoga postures, you must use specific rhythms of your breath while linking the breath and body. Stay focuses on where your attention is going and the parts of the body you will stretched. This will link the body and the mind. The body, breath and the mind align together during the time of practicing yoga asana and this attitude goes long in deepening the yoga practice.

6.       MEDITATE REGULARLY:  Yoga asanas prepare a person for meditation and doing meditation everyday deepens the yoga practice. You can join courses like yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or go for meditation retreats in Rishikesh to learn meditation. All you have to do is relax and meditate. Right after you finish the yoga asanas, you must rest in yoga nidra.


Yoga has multiple numbers of benefits when it is done in the right way. There is a reason why it is called as a way of life. However, in case it is not done in the correct way then it causes many problems while inflicting deep pain and injuries. It is important to enhance and correct the yoga practice at the right time by performing the yoga poses in the right way.

The tips mentioned above will be extremely helpful in managing a healthy and an improved life. Also, always remember that yoga practice does not just end on the mat. It is going to affect all aspects of your life. The practice is about having a better sense of awareness and breath all through the day, more so when you are under stress. Doing yoga is a simple way to develop a healthy and a positive outlook towards life.

You will be able to relax through the challenges life throws at you which might otherwise stress you out. Mastering the art to go within and reflecting on life with a positive vision is an authentic sign of a true yogi.